When Studio Stadium was a sports program

When Studio Stadium was a sports program
Matías Prats presented in Study Stage 80 Y 90

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Today we are saturated with information and programs' sports’ on the many digital platforms and different TV channels. But nevertheless, the quality and the treatment given to sport in general and football in particular leaves much to be desired. Those who already have an age met a program that was sacred for football fans: study Stage.

¿Cuándo se emitió el primer programa de Estudio Estadio?

El primer programa se emitió en el 25 March 1973 como indica RTVE en este artículo and presenter was Pedro Ruiz. Aunque estuvo solo unos meses, cogiendo el testigo Miguel Vila. that first study Stage It meant a great revolution because thanks to technological advances of the time it was possible to broadcast the program on the same day in which the matches were played, something that today we see totally normal but it was very new in those days. further, He was incorporated The Slow which it was to move in slow motion the most controversial plays. Great.

Pedro Ruiz Study Stage
The beginnings of Study Stage presented by Pedro Ruiz (Photo: Brand)


But nevertheless, by age, my first study Stage It was the late ' 80 and early 90 presented by Matías Prats. Basically the format was the same as that Pedro Ruiz started and demand is what any football fan.

The program lasted about an hour and simply offered, After a brief introduction of the presenter and TV news headlines in true style, the results of the day, classification and of course a comprehensive summary (about 5 minutes on average) each and every one of the matches of First Division (later the goals of Second were also introduced). As simple as that.

The kids who discovered football at that time we threw a Sunday happier than first glued to the radio listening Deportivo carousel (with the vast majority of games being played simultaneously) and at night watching all summaries study Stage to comment the next day all plays with classmates. good times.

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  1. Study remember Stadium since the early 80, They used to throw Sunday night late, late for a child like me and asking nothing short knees let you see at home. I remember in the early 80 the program was also named Deportivo

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