The worst teams in the history of the First Division

The worst teams in the history of the First Division
Formation of the CD Logroñés of the season 1994-1995 with footballers like Ochotorena, Eraña or Markovic among others (Twitter: Olympia)

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Football history is full of great achievements, successes and deeds. But nevertheless, Today we will review the list of the worst teams in the history of Spanish Liga. yes, considering that since the inception of the competition in the season 1928-1929 wins totaling two points until mid-year 90 They went on to add three, we must count triumph as today.

Who are the worst teams in the history of the Spanish League so far??

Sporting Gijon 1997-1998

We're, definitely, before the worst team in league history. Sporting season 1997-1998 It only added 13 points 38 journeys, that is to say, 0,34 ppg.

CD Logrones 1994-1995

on the second of the worst teams in league history one that we miss. CD Logroñés averaged only 0,39 ppg in the campaign 1994-1995. With the current score three points would have achieved victory 15 in 38 journeys. logically, He finished as bottom club.

RC CELTA 1943-1944

The blue box got a very poor figures on the season 1943-1944. The Vigo won two games and tied 5 (in 26 journeys) which would mean 11 points today, that is to say, 0,42 units per meeting.

CD CASTELLÓN 1981-1982

The de la Plana did not have a good campaign, no doubt. The crowd of Castalia could only enjoy 3 victories and 6 draws, what would 15 points, in 34 journeys. His average points would be 0,44 by party.

REAL BETIS 1942-1943

Another miserable performance. Real Betis sneaks into this TOP 10 of the worst teams in the league history thanks to their 12 points 26 games in the season 1942-1943. An average of 0,46 points per game.

ELCHE CF 1988-1989

The ilicitano set had a fateful course that 1988-1989. those of the green stripe only they won 4 other parties and tied 7. Thus, with the system 3 points for a win, they had added 19 points 38 journeys. That is to say, 0,5 by party.

CÓRDOBA CF 2014-2015

Newer have the poor performance of the Cordoba CF. Andalusian they totaled 20 points 38 in that ill-fated days 2014-2015 verdiblanco that sent the club to Second Division. 0,52 Average points per game.

GRANADA CF 2016-2017

It was better campaign of its neighbors of the Granada a couple of years later. Nazarí set the repeated 20 points 38 days with identical average of points Cordovan.

ARENAS GETXO 1934-1935

A historic club like Arenas de Getxo (one of the founders of the League) He descended in the season 1934-1935 after a very bad season. Basque averaged 0,54 ppg thanks to its 12 points 22 journeys.

RC CELTA 1985-1986

Celta has the sad honor of appearing twice in this list the worst teams in the Spanish League. Galicians would add 19 points 34 if the campaign meetings 1985-1986 He had recorded with 3 points wins. Thus, would achieve 0,55 ppg.

C. A. OSASUNA 2016-2017

We close this sad list with C.A. Osasuna Pamplona. The 'rojillos', As to the Celta, they averaged 0,55 ppg on the season 2016-2017 as they joined 21 points 38 journeys. A very poor performance.

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