End of King's Cup 1984: The battle between Athletic Club and Barcelona

End of King's Cup 1984: The battle between Athletic Club and Barcelona
Medical assistance had a lot of work in that Cup final 1984 (Sport)

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The final of the Copa del Rey 1984 he faced the Athletic Club de Bilbao y al FC Barcelona He made history. And it was not by their good football and the brilliant spectacle of the players from both teams but by the brutal fight that took place at the right time Murcia referee Franco Martínez He decreed the end of the meeting.


Of course the atmosphere was already very heated and a simple spark could blow up several of the protagonists at any time. Andoni Goikoetxea, Central defense Athletic Club, had seriously injured that season the two top stars that had the Barça by then, Schuster Y Maradona and both were eager for revenge.

Technicians worked both teams either before or after their statements. Javier Clemente, Basque team coach and César Luis Menotti, Argentine who led Barca, They had made a crossing of reproaches the days before and did so again after the final ended. Without going further, Clemente said that: “Barca have failed to lose. We must end those coming from outside (in clear reference to foreign Schuster, Maradona and self Menotti) and uneducated”. Meanwhile, Argentina said: “I have not seen anything like it in my life”.

The fight at the end of 1984
Maradona assaulted one of the members of the coaching staff of the Athletic Club (Brand)


Although the referee disappeared quickly from the field of Santiago Bernabeu and he did not pick up anything of what happened in the minutes, the images spoke for themselves. Several players from both teams were punished with 3 months without being able to participate in any party. By culé part Migueli (who brutally assaulted by a player back Athletic), Maradona Y Clos. For the locals Sarabia, From Andres Y Goikoetxea that bloodied again with 'The Fluff'.

The battle of the end of 1984
Goikoetxea launches a brutal kick to Maradona coinciding with the final whistle (Brand)

But nevertheless, that penalty was trick as the committee clarified that it was not applicable to the parties of Selection (He is contesting Euro 1984 that summer). further, Maradona left Napoli so either had trouble playing. In summary, There was general amnesty and all players could be present on the first day of the next season.


In strictly sporting, that season was historic for Athletic Club de Bilbao who won the double and League champion was proclaimed and Cup. Clemente on the bench and players Zubizarreta, Goikoetxea, Dani, Sarabia O Endika (author of the only goal in the final in question ended with 1-0 for rojiblancos) He managed to win the rest of rivals in both competitions. But nevertheless, the final of Copa del Rey 1984 It will always be remembered for the sad images of the brutal final fight.

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