Two Nobel Prizes were footballers

Two Nobel Prizes were footballers
Niels Bohr junto a Albert Einstein (Photo: Perarnau Magazine)

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Over a year the players can receive a variety of awards (Golden Ball, Golden Boot, etc). yes, If there is a recognition that few people linked to the world of football is that of Nobel Prizes, some prestigious awards granted to people with achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine, economy, or literature promoting peace. But there are cases of Nobel winners who were footballers (course, This award is not given for his skill with the ball).


One is the Danish Niels Bohr, which won the Nobel Prize in Physics of 1922 for investigating the structure of atoms and radiation, which is considered one of the most important physicists of the twentieth century, and in his younger years he was put under sticks to try to prevent goals.

Niels kept goal for Akademisk Boldklub de Copenhague, in which coincided with his brother Harald Bohr, it ended up being a renowned mathematician and as a player went further internationally than his brother.

Harald disputed the London Olympics 1908 with the Danish national team which won the silver medal after losing the final against the British hosts by 2-0. As a curiosity, Denmark won the tournament in France for a scandalous 1-17. Although that day is not marked, Harald Bohr He scored two goals in another match of the tournament.

Harald Bohr Dinamarca
Harald Bohr, brother Niels, He played with the Danish national team (Photo: Football properly)


Like Niels Bohr, Albert Camus knows what it is to receive the Nobel Prize, in his case Literature 1957, and be a doorkeeper. French writer, Cone author works Abroad, over O The Myth of Sisyphus, It was a passionate football.

Born in Algeria, when he was still a French colony, He played as a goalkeeper in the Racing Universitaire d'Alger and he stressed despite his youth. But in 1930, with 17 years, TB made him leave parked the practice of this sport.

Although his football career was cut short by illness, Camus showed his appreciation for football and he is credited with the phrase "Everything I know with greater certainty about morality and obligations of men, I owe it to football ".

There are more examples of Nobel Prizes who had sportsmanship. It's known interest in cycling Marie Curie, double winner of the award (the Physics 1903 and Chemistry 1911). Y Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1906, He was one of the pioneers of bodybuilding in Spain.

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