The signing of Di Stefano who faced Barca and Real Madrid

The signing of Di Stefano who faced Barca and Real Madrid
Di Stefano wearing the shirt of FC Barcelona, which it could have been his team (Pinterest)

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Today is a myth and legend Real Madrid, but nevertheless, the signing of Argentine Alfredo Of Stefano by the merengue group it was very close to not occur.


Everything happened in the year 1952. At that time the Argentine star was active in the millionaires of Colombia provided by River Plate what, At first, he was the owner of his rights. That is why the FC Barcelona reached an agreement with the Argentine club for the transfer of the player who, in fact, traveled to Barcelona to join the whole of Barcelona.

Parallel to this fact, the Real Madrid I was contacted and reached an agreement with the millionaires Colombian, club that played at that time Of Stefano.

‘The blonde arrow’, How was the Argentine attacker known, He must return to River Plate, after playing a few seasons in Colombia, so the culé team understood that it was with the Argentine club with which it had to negotiate since it was the owner of the footballer.

They appeared recently signed documents by leaders River Y Barça in which it is observed that the Catalans paid 2 million pesos team red stripe. But nevertheless, the fact that the Real Madrid also had an agreement with millionaires made the RFEF and included FIFA they had to mediate the matter and resolve the conflict.


Finally a Solomonic decision was made. Alfredo Di Stefano Alternaria the following 4 seasons both teams. Two in the Real Madrid and two in the FC Barcelona.

The decision did not sit well within the Barça he did not accept it and sold its rights to Real Madrid. The rest of the story we already know all. Of Stefano It became the best player in the world and one of the best ever achieved 8 leagues and 5 European Cups (consecutively) with the white set.

Di Stefano Real Madrid
Real Madrid of Di Stéfano dominated Europe (RFEF)

Since then he has talked a lot about the details of the signing of Of Stefano and even today there are many doubts and the facts remain unconfirmed at the time. 100%.

Some say that with the Barça of Kubala dominating Spanish football, we sought to Of Stefano strengthen the Real Madrid to prevent both join the same team and even Franco intervened in the matter. Others believe this nonsense because with Franco in the power, the Real Madrid It was many years without winning a league title and was the Barça who erred by not accepting 'share’ the player with his eternal rival.

After many years triumphing in Real Madrid, Di Stefano play in the RCD Espanyol which itself could match briefly with his friend Ladislao Kubala, which also pulled in the set parakeet.

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  1. I think the Madrid Di Stefano swiped at Barca, Leveraging its control in the Federation. Barca bought before the Madrid Di Stefano and bought it to its rightful owner who was the River: this team gave it to Millonarios to play exhibition games. Not forget that Colombia, at that time, He did not belong to FIFA.

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