The two leagues Napoli of Diego Armando Maradona

The two leagues Napoli of Diego Armando Maradona
Naples celebrated the first title in its history achieved in 1987 (Photo: Infobae)

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When you think the best players in football history you are a bunch of players. The tricky thing is the order of the same but all agreed to appoint Skin, Maradona, Cruyff, Of Stefano… but nevertheless, If we ask in the Italian city of Naples, sure you are very clear.

Diego Armando Maradona He came to Italy to sign for the Neapolitan set after 2 years in the FC Barcelona where he did not quite explode. In 1984, signed by the Italian team, was the beginning of an eternal and reciprocal love of a city to a player who, even today, It is considered a God.

The president of the organization, Corrado Ferlaino, He managed to gain the services of the best player in the world to try to get something that Naples I had never gotten, win a League. The team, lead by Maradona, He won two, despite being saved from relegation by a single point a year before the arrival of the 'Fluff'.

But go in chronological order. The first season Maradona, the Naples He achieved a more than creditable third position. 'The 10’ he went to Mexico to dispute World 1986 and he returned to the Cup under his arm. It was then played with his club make history. The 10 May 1987, the Neapolitan set was done with the first Scudetto in its history.


The club decided not satisfied and wanted to step forward. They arrived at the team level players but one above all, bald. Brazilian striker was instrumental part of the team beside Maradona and managed 121 goals in 191 games spread over the 6 seasons played for the team azurro. Were, definitely, the best years of the club that managed to be crowned champion UEFA Cup, its first continental title, achieved in 1989.

Maradona and Careca
Maradona and Careca led the best Naples history (Photo: Youtube)

But still he lacked the icing on the cake. The azzurri They won their second Scudetto, one of the toughest in history, with rivals like the Milan of Arrigo Sacchi, the Juventus of Roberto Baggio, the mighty Inter Milan Records, Sampdoria who reached the final of the European Cup shortly afterwards Vialli O Mancini among others. It was a historic title and Maradona so great is his legend as the best player in club history.

Maradona and Platini
Maradona and Platini played the Scudetto 1990 that was set Neapolitan (Photo: wikipedia)


From there, It began to stage Pelusa in Naples. At World Cup Italia '90 chance provided a duel between the host and Argentina Diego. There was a great divide between those who wanted to win your choice and those who were with absolute idol. further, there were whistles the Argentine anthem at the stadium by the fans of blue, something that did not sit well with the Argentine star.

Back in his club, after a match against Bari, Maradona He was elected to pass the doping test and tested positive for cocaine. He was suspended 15 months thus putting an end to his time in Italy. Diego left Naples after 259 official matches, scoring 115 goals and leaving the windows of the club 2 suspenders, 1 UEFA Cup, 1 Coppa Italia and 1 Italian Supercup.

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