History and history of the women's football World

History and history of the women's football World
for the match between Sweden and Germany in the World Cup China image 1991 (Univisión)

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The role of women in the beautiful game continues to grow slowly. Today we will review the history, record and some of the stories of the women's football World whose first edition was held in China in the year 1991 and that, like the Men's World Cup, if every dispute 4 years.


After many years fighting to achieve a great event to give visibility to Women's Football, finally came time to see in action the best players in the world in a world Cup. The appointment was in a country like China, which it is not exactly example of equality, in the year 1991 Y, Of course, He included the organization FIFA.

There traveled the players 12 countries: U.S, Denmark, China Taipei, Germany, Italy, Nigeria, Sweden, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil, Norway and China. The first champion was U.S which it is the power which has a more global so far.

The tournament was a success as regards organization and thus the go-ahead was given a much-needed competition to give impetus to Women's Football which he has since been taking small but steady steps.


Since that first World Cup China Year 1991 They have held a total of 7 editions. As we stated above, U.S It is the first world power in women's football has referred since it has 3 Titles. followed Germany with 2 while Norway Y Japan They have won one each.

  • U.S 3 Titles (1991, 1999, 2015)
  • Germany 2 Titles (2003, 2007)
  • Norway 1 Title (1995)
  • Japan 1 Title (2011)

Goalscorers table of maximum World Cup history we find Brazil Marta Vieira da Silva (one of the best players in history) in the first position 15 goals. Followed by Germany Birgit Prinz and US Abby Wanbach with 14 many each. But nevertheless, the player who was able to score more goals in a single World is also US Michelle Akers with 10 precisely targets the world's leading China 1991.

Marta Vieira da Silva
Brazil's Marta is the top scorer in World Cup history (Photo: Conmebol)


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