Predictor Manuel Battle, legendary footballer Pontevedra CF

Predictor Manuel Battle, legendary footballer Pontevedra CF
Una de las formaciones del histórico Pontevedra del 'hai que roelo' (

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The heart reverberates with the last minutes of the match inconsequential second. Hand trembles as you check one by one the variables of a column that at times seems endless. Imagination flies success after success. You're about to take a pinch, or perhaps become a millionaire. You're about to be the star of the football with your full day to fifteen The pool.

Historia de la quiniela

In his more than seventy years of existence The pool It has changed the lives of hundreds of Spanish. A miles, If we think of those who never completed a ticket but benefit from the policy of this draw were in their early years and helped build hospitals or finance major sporting events in our country.

In all this time there has been time for them to give tens of curiosities and anecdotes. People who went from obscurity to focus today. Coincidences at the right time. Superstitions that were worth a handful of millions. There have even been time to see the full caudillo celebrating a footballer or applauding the goals that fit their own team.

The 14 November 1965 It is a special date for Pontevedra C.F., the team reached the first division lead. A milestone for the small Galician city and his humble football club just a few months before had celebrated the rise.

"... amazing ... Inédito sobering ... A newly promoted, with the cheapest equipment Spain, League leader "
Journal say 29 of November 1963

They had six seasons where the Pontevedra C.F. He remained in the top national football. Characterized by its enormous capacity for sacrifice, He smothered all his opponents with strong pressure anywhere in the field. Such was his strength that the team made history as "Hai I roelo", referring to bone, which must gnaw to end. Stadium Pasarón He became a cemetery where the bones of the biggest teams in the league were piled.

He gnaws tough team that was in Manuel Battle, their main stronghold. A "strong pillar in the axis of garnet coverage and professional model ... always with an index of play as effective as bright".

Manuel Batalla y el Pontevedra deEl Hai que roelo

Battle It seemed to be made in the image of Pontevedra C.F., perhaps thereby he conceded so well. A humble footballer with a football career discreet. Unpretentious in the footballing world and after a few good years in second division, Pontevedra reached noiselessly. There offered his best years "ant national football": two promotions to the top flight and first six seasons.

Manuel Batalla ‘El millonario

In the summer of 1968 Manuel is already thinking about his retirement. Contract ends when the season ends and it is the right time to say goodbye, the athlete likes to retire in time. further, a few years earlier he had founded a business and businesses require their presence. "Business is business, He wrote Manuel María, after an interview with our protagonist in Mundo Deportivo, which indicates affectionately "it remains Catalan and has commercially". Nothing presaged the business round was about to arrive.

3 November 1968. Fate wanted the televised game of the day was the nondescript Real Zaragoza-Pontevedra. It will be crucial for our story. In half of the retransmission, the announcer Matías Prats She had a curiosity that will eventually be the news of the day and league: "Battle, at halftime taught us a pool that would 14 successes if this encounter ended in a draw ".

With five minutes rocky Pontevedra won 0 a 2. But it collapsed. First, an own goal and then another, claimed by offside, They gave the tie to Zaragoza and the millions Battle.
Logically point topped the news on Monday sports sections. Although what today would have been a resounding scandal, then it was not loaded with too many complaints dyes, There's even understanding that the team will look a draw.

"Before the game we said: you have to go out and win this match to at least grab that tie I need. And my companions went so badly that made the score two-nil in our favor ".
Manuel Battle. The Journal. 6 November 1968

Such was the striking of the case, even today, It sold -erroneously- as the first fixing of the history of the league. It is fair to clarify suspicions. While it is true that the shadow of suspicion covers everything to see itself Battle stopping almost in the penalty area by facilitating the closing of the front, to check the chronicles of the party seems clear that the Pontevedra gave it all like his captain who even was evaluated with the highest score of the match.

Curiously, the Catalan player himself, with individual score in that game, He topped the ranking "Player of the Year", the most regular player of the championship, in front of Amancio, Sadurní and other stars of the league. Chance after chance and with a script that would have signed Groucho Marx, That was late for a round Battle, who (never know if in gratitude) He finished handing out the prize with his colleagues.

If anything to avoid gossip and the label of "Millionaire" ended up renewing the contract and playing another season. His retirement could not be the way he wanted and ended with the decline Pontevedra of the must Roel second division.

"A final result? A draw would not be bad for us ..., Clear!”
Manuel Battle. Sports world, 30 November 1968

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