Iker Casillas remembers the best goal they scored in his entire career

Iker Casillas remembers the best goal they scored in his entire career
Iker Casillas stood out from a very young age in the Real Madrid quarry (The country)

Iker Casillas played more than 1000 official matches throughout his career. He has in his record the most important titles that can be achieved as a footballer, such as 3 Champions League, 5 Spanish leagues, 2 Euro Cups and 1 World among many others.

Despite having been the best Spanish goalkeeper in history, and one of the best goalkeepers in the world for many years, has received many goals; Who wouldn't play more than 1000 matches at the highest level against the best strikers in the world?

Has faced Messi, Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, Eto´o, David Villa, Van Persie, Fernando Torres, Drogba, Ronaldo Nazario and countless more forwards who have marked an era in the world of football. But, curiously, none of those named managed to score the best goal he has conceded. But, if it has not been any of these stars, Who was the player capable of beating Iker in the most beautiful way recognized by the goalkeeper himself?

Is about Marine Solar, player Navia CF. since 1993 until the year 2000, when he announced his retirement.

The story goes back to the summer of 1999, when the Navia CF., the team of a small village of about 8.000 inhabitants and the Real Madrid C, crossed their paths in the promotion phase to Second Division B, after having finished in the top four of their respective groups.

On the fourth day of the promotion league, both teams faced each other in El Pardo, fiefdom of the local group, who prepared for the occasion by hosting 3.000 people inside, its maximum capacity.

Iker Casillas, at that time goalkeeper of Real Madrid C, he was a young man from 18 very promising years. So much that, after that promotion league, became part of the first merengue squad and only one year later, would debut as an international with Spanish selection absolute.

In the minute 6 party, the central of the Navia, He anticipated a ball that the Real Madrid striker expected to receive in the center of the field and without thinking twice, tried his luck from the middle of the pitch when he saw Iker a few meters ahead of his goal. Luckily for the local team, that ball ended up in the net and the rojiblanco team started the match winning by 1-0 Real Madrid.

The match ended with a result of 1-3 for whites, who had in their ranks other great players such as César Navas, Fernando and Sousa, among others.

Iker Casillas recognized years later in various interviews, that that had been the best goal he had received, especially after receiving a similar goal from Pedro Lopez, player at that time of Valladolid, In the season 2007-2008. After that game in Pucela, Iker was asked in the press room if that was the best goal they had ever scored., but his answer was "One of the best without a doubt". The journalist of the newspaper AS, Óscar Ribot, went further and asked for the best that he had fitted, to which Iker replied "It was in a town in Asturias, in a promotion phase with Real Madrid C ".

A few days after those statements, Marine Solar He was invited to the Real Madrid sports city to meet again with Iker and remember that famous goal he managed to score him. "Give off humility, respect and does not forget where it comes from " Marino comments on his blog while he remembers that meeting.

best goal Iker Casillas
Marino Solares with Iker Casillas (The Journal)

For a villa like Navia and for a club like him Navia CF., It is a pride that an athlete of the dimension of Iker Casillas remember fondly (and surely with some rage too) the goal he received at El Pardo.

Personally, I am proud to have been born in Navia and having played so many games on the field in which the legendary goalkeeper received that goal, especially because of what Iker means to me and to so many people who love football; my first soccer idol and an example as a person and as a professional.

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