The best goalkeepers in football history

The best goalkeepers in football history
Dino Zoff, Legend of Juventus and the Italian national team with former world champion 1982. (

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To be a goalkeeper must be made of sterner stuff. As we have said on occasion, This is a fairly thankless position and often misunderstood. Today we review that for us are the best goalkeepers in football history.


Ricardo Zamora
A legend who kept goal as the Spanish team, Barcelona or Madrid. 'The Divine’ He was one of the first media figures in football history (GQ)


Lev Yashin
dubbed 'Black Spider’ by their clothing that color, Yashin He led the Soviet Union and Dynamo Moscow, club where he spent his entire career. It is the only archer who has received The gold ball in all history (Football Passion)


Gondon Banks
English goalkeeper is considered one of the best of all time. He played in clubs like Leicester and won the World Cup with England 1966 (Goaliesaredifferent)


Dino Zoff
Dino Zoff, Legend of Juventus and the Italian national team with former world champion 1982. (


Sepp Maier
Myth of the German team and Bayern de Munich, only club in his career. He was able to win all possible titles at both club and international teams (Zero to zero)

Ubaldo Fillol

Ubaldo Fillol
El Pato Fillol is an Argentine football legend. World Champion 1978, in which he was voted best player of the tournament. He also stressed on River Plate where it is considered the best goalkeeper in the club's history (Photo: Getty Images)


Peter Schmeichel
He excelled in the early 90 Manchester United who dominated the Premier League. European champion both at club level and with the Danish national team. A great. (


The best goalkeepers
Another legend of Germany and Bayern Munich. Named player of the World 2002. all character. One of the best ever, definitely. (Soccertrainingguide)


The best goalkeepers
In a country where there have been porters as Iribar, Zubizarreta or Arconada is difficult to choose the best. However Iker Casillas should be in this list. Real Madrid managed lot of titles and was instrumental in the Spanish team that won two European Championships and the World 2010 (rpp)

Gianlugi Buffon

The best goalkeepers in history
You need no introduction. Present in 5 world with which Italy won the World Cup in 2006. At club level, a legend of Juventus. Champions only has resisted him (

Of course we do not want to forget other great goalkeepers we could not include in this select list 10 best goalkeepers in history and surely deserve it as: Chilavert, Higuita, Van der Sar, Zenga, Jean-Marie Pfaff And a long etcetera.




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  1. Icon missing, great as a doorman and HUGE as a person, and recognized by his contemporary colleagues as the best: JOSE ANGEL IRIBAR.

    And as for Kahn, don't make a fool of yourself by either writing it wrong or denoting it, It's advice.

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