The day Ronaldinho marked 23 goals in a single match

The day Ronaldinho marked 23 goals in a single match
Ronaldinho with his brother Roberto in the Gremio shirt (As USA)

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The soccer lovers we saw play Ronaldinho we should give thanks for it. A different footballer, with his eternal smile, who enjoyed a ball at his feet and made the spectators who had paid a ticket to see him play amortize the amount of it with a single play.

The childhood of Ronaldo de Assis Moreira it was not easy. When I only had 8 year old, his father passed away. Since then, his brother Roberto, who was also a professional footballer, became the father figure he had just lost.

From very young, Ronaldinho showed that he and the ball were made for each other. His own father, when Roberto was introduced as a player of Guild, he claimed: “They just signed an Asssis, but the one who will be a world crack will be my other son, Ronaldo, does amazing things with the ball”. Of course, It was not wrong.


One of those anecdotes from the Brazilian star's childhood dates back to a game in which his team won 23-0 and was able to score all the goals. So I remembered it in an interview for The graphic: “I did 23 goals in the same match, but the children we played against were terrible. I think they only played in physical education class for fun and I was already on a team, which is something that says a lot. It was in the fifth grade and I have to say it was never so easy again ”.

That exhibition caught the attention of numerous media outlets and, since then, there were many who no longer took their eyes off this firm promise of football. How was it logical, came to professional, for wearing the shirt that his brother Roberto had previously worn, that of Guild Brazilian, in 1997.

The rest is history. Ronaldinho made the leap to Europe to join the ranks of the PSG French and lived his best stage as a footballer in the FC Barcelona. At the Camp Nou he sponsored a certain Leo Messi and he became the best soccer player on the planet. It was Ballon d'Or 2005 and World champion with Brazil in 2002 with a legendary generation of footballers.

Ronaldinho Golden Ball
Ronaldinho offers his Ballon d'Or to the Camp Nou public (The Sports Newspaper)

After breaking it at Barça, with which he won all possible titles, He still had time to continue leaving quality details in the AC Milan before returning to Brazil to wear the shirts of Flamengo, Atlético Mineiro Y Fluminense (with a brief step through the Queretaro of Liga MX).

He hung up his boots and there were some scandals and problems with justice, but nevertheless, we stay with him Ronaldinho that delighted us on the pitch, the one with the eternal smile, the one who was applauded by the Santiago Bernabéu with the shirt of the eternal rival, the one who, possibly, he was the best footballer of the decade 2000-2010.


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