India, He is playing barefoot selection

India, He is playing barefoot selection
Indian players team played barefoot in Olympics 1948 (Photo: futbolsapiens)

In the history of the world there are several examples of selections' rare’ who have come to the meeting. But nevertheless, India He has never been in the finals of the World Cup, despite being the second most populous country on the planet.

But once he was about to participate, in Brazil 1950 Invitational, but eventually he resigned. And surprisingly, the most popular reason for this waiver is then Indian players were playing barefoot and FIFA rules did not allow it.

Over the years, from the press of China it has speculated on what would be all the arguments and if the topic to jump to lawn without boots was just an excuse, especially considering that the short time since it was decided that the Indian players had to go shod. But the reality is that the Indian did not participate that year combined, and not been able to do after.


Indian football if he had played before an international tournament, the London Olympics 1948, one year after it became independent from United Kingdom. Their presence highlighted by the fact that its members play without shoes (some socks and some totally bare) and thus they braved France. India He lost by 1 a 2 in his debut.

Two years later he resumed the world Cup soccer, and from the organization to several Asian countries it was invited. Indonesia, Burma (Myanmar) and the Philippines resigned, and the opportunity came when combined India. This had been drawn in the same group Sweden, Italy Y Paraguay; group stayed in three members.

As explained above, the best known of the reason was that resignation from the federation India It was not agreed with the prohibition of play barefoot. But it has also talked about other possible arguments, as the cost of long journey (although it is said that the tournament organizers helped in this regard), that there had been time to prepare for the tournament, or that at that time the Indian football did not give much importance to world compared to Olympic Games; also saw the resignations of other Asian countries.

The football team India yes it was in the next Olympics, Helsinki 1952, and there they were presented with barefoot players, also again they lost in the first round, and this time for a much more bulky marker, 1-10 against Yugoslavia.

INDIA IS shoes boots

Viewing results, in Indian football it was decided that also had to be put on the boots. And in the following Olympic Games, Melbourne 1956, the team managed to finish fourth.

The reasons why India did not go to Brazil 1950 It may continue to be debated, but what is clear is that the mid-twentieth century was a country competing in international football without shoes. It is possible that in future Indian football is represented in a World Cup and its inhabitants no longer agree that both missed opportunity.

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