The Curious Case of Gary Stevens in the Mexico '86 World

The Curious Case of Gary Stevens in the Mexico '86 World
Uno de los Gary Stevens lucha un balón contra Burruchaga en el mítico partido contra Argentina en México '86 (Photo: Pinterest)

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Meet someone that you call as often be a funny situation; but from another point of view can I be problematic administratively. For the commentators Mexico '86 World It did not have to be easy narrating the games in which there was on the pitch, on the same computer, two players who called as, Gary Stevens.

This happened in England. One way was to take account differentiate their second names (that English often have); in this case Gary Michael Stevens y Gary Andrew Stevens. For practical purposes to make this article more understandable the call Gary M. y Gary A.

Gary M. It was a defense of Everton when he played this World Cup edition, and it was important for his team and he played five games as a starter faced by England in that World Cup. Therefore he suffered the two historic goals of Maradona in the quarterfinals.

Meanwhile, Gary A., also defense and then at the Tottenham Hotspur, He had a less prominent role, staying on the bench for much of the championship. Only he went on the pitch in two games, in the minute 76 of the match of the group phase against Morocco where he replaced Mark Hateley; and in the second round against Paraguay he was replacing Peter Reid at the minute 58.

Then they agreed on the lawn los dos Gary Stevens; Gary M. with the number 2 y Gary A. with the 15. An embarrassing situation for the narrators, that they could be found with the situation say phrases of the type “Gary Stevens se la pasa a Gary Stevens“.

Ivan Lopez de Levante UD

This curious fact is unusual, but you can give back to. For example, in the season 2017/18 the Levante UD had on its staff two Ivan Lopez. Luckily for journalists, to the attacker Ivan Lopez Alvarez It is known as 'Ivi', and so it was easier to differentiate it from the side Ivan Lopez Mendoza.

They agreed on the field in the first days, but the side was injured in the beginning of the third league match and could not compete again during the season because of physical problems. Even on the second day, against him Deportivo La Coruna, the case was that Ivan Lopez 'Ivi' replaced Ivan Lopez in the minute 65 and he scored a goal.

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