Ivan Campo and his harrowing story at Real Madrid

Ivan Campo and his harrowing story at Real Madrid
Ivan Campo in a Champions League match against Manchester United Giggs (menorcaaldia)

Ivan Campo It was one of those players who, it was not known exactly why, He liked much of football fans. That scruffy, pint of good-natured that made him one of the players who drew attention in the late football 90 and early years of 2000.

But nevertheless, below that housing was a very normal person. A guy who liked to go out to dinner and go unnoticed as any other, something that was quite simple when He began his career at Alaves In the season 1993-1994 that at that time militated Second Division B. He soon won promotion to the Second vitoriano set and only 21 he was hired by the Real Valladolid to play first. Everything was going great but also too fast.

Basque center continued his great progression and was the Valencia who he did not think twice to sign him but here came the first setback of his career since he did not have minutes and spent most of his time on the bench or in the stands so to pack turned and walked away to the RCD Mallorca.

Ivan Campo Mallorca
Ivan Campo in his time at Mallorca with Juninho from Atletico Madrid (Brand)

Was on the island where regained its best to such an extent that the Real Madrid who she was rushed to rush the signing of Ivan. After many turns, the player reached one of the biggest clubs in the world and this is where he realized the tremendous pressure that a player is subjected to a club like merengue.


Ivan Campo he was 4 seasons in Real Madrid (He signed a contract 5) and performance in the field was more or less. The day 3 October 2001, for the first time in its history, the club made an official statement said that the player suffered a severe anxiety attack and had to undergo therapy with mental health professionals.

Ivan Campo Real Madrid
Ivan Campo also lived great moments in Real Madrid as the eighth European Cup (Goal.com)

In a recent interview the player confessed that he threw up before every game to release the nerves (like normal), but that day will not take it anymore and collapsed. Real Madrid center said he felt overwhelmed by the harsh criticism from fans and the press and that only support staff felt. He came to suffer arrhythmias and was terrified to death. Finally, he left the team at the end of that season to England where triumphed in the Bolton Wanderers in which was a very important player for 6 seasons.

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