Why Juan Roman Riquelme did not win at FC Barcelona?

Why Juan Roman Riquelme did not win at FC Barcelona?
Riquelme could not succeed in the FC Barcelona (Brand)

It is one of the best players in the history of Boca Juniors and selection Argentina. Owner of a shirt and a back with an incredible weight. '10’ It was his bothxeneize as in the Albiceleste until it was time to make the leap to Europe to play for a colossus like FC Barcelona. We speak, course, of Juan roman riquelme.

After signing one of the most incredible personal performances that are remembered in the final that pitted Boca and Real Madrid in the Intercontinental Cup year 2000, Juan roman riquelme He was on everyone's lips. Top European clubs were after him, but that show was key to the whole FC Barcelona launched an offensive to take over its services a couple of years later.

You are the best player when he has the ball. When it does not… We played with one less”

As the player himself told in interviews, everything was strange from the moment he arrived in Barcelona. In his presentation, after posing with his new jersey, the technician Louis van Gaal He summoned him to his office to talk to him. Says the player, Dutch showed him a table full of videos and told: “You see all these videos? They are his games. You are the best player in the world when you have the ball, but when it does not play with one less”.

Not content with that, FC Barcelona coach continued: “I will not lie. You are a president signing. A survey was made after you defeat to Real Madrid and the people voted massively for his move and so are here”.

logically, Juan roman riquelme I did not expect this reception by coach. according to account, Van Gaal She told him that the game system was non-negotiable and that he would have to play left pointer. Obviously, Argentina was more than used to be the engagement team and the final pass to the front. Something that was noted in the first games in which he started as an end but as they say, Strip the mountain goat, and '10’ He came to the center to participate.

After a match against Racing de Santander, in which the Barça He won by 2-1 with two goals Kluivert (to pass Riquelme) Argentina was relegated to the bench: “I could not believe it. The front pages of newspapers spoke of my passes to black (Kluivert) and I was happy. But he sat me down and told me it was because I was a mess that left my position”.

I could not stand left pointer. If I stayed there and did not play three balls”

Thus, Juan roman riquelme He lost his starting job: “I could not stand left pointer. If I stayed there playing 3 balls throughout the match. Not like Barcelona now they have it all the time”. Finally, Argentina had to leave the azulgrana discipline after the season 2002-2003 (the only one that was in the Camp Nou) to play for Villarreal CF. Even so, that year he reached to score 6 goals and give 11 assists.

In the team broke the La Plana. Riquelme He became the idol of the fans' grogueta’ Recalling the impressive player who was in Boca Juniors.

Magnificent three and a half seasons in El Madrigal (they also had their negative memories as the failed penalty against Arsenal which would have allowed the team to play the final of Champions).

no running, not mark. Fijate Messi, It is the best but runs and fights”

Finally, Argentina returned to crack Boca Juniors where he continued handing out soccer. That was football that deprived the fans of Camp Nou because of Louis van Gaal. Precisely the Dutch coach responded to an amateur when he questioned him Riquelme: “no running, not mark. Look at Messi, It is the best but runs and fights”.

Own Joan Gaspart, President FC Barcelona who signed a Riquelme, He said several years after the coach was wrong with that decision: “Time proved that Norman could have fit perfectly into Barca. Surely Louis Van Gaal was wrong with him”.


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