Why they are Boca 'Xeneizes’ and River 'Millonarios'?

Why they are Boca 'Xeneizes’ and River 'Millonarios'?
River and Boca compete in the 'Superclásico'' in 1981 (riverretro on twitter)

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River and Boca (xeneizes and millionaires) dispute one of the most passionate derbies or classic worldwide. The party paralyzes the entire city of Buenos Aires and it is one of those shows that one should try to experience live at least once in life.

As it happens in many other teams in the world and we have already reviewed article, both clubs and hobbies paths have a nickname by which they are known. Today we will analyze the origin of these motes.


To know the origin of this nickname must go back to the foundation of the club. Boca Juniors It was created by seven teenage children of Italians who had emigrated to Argentina, specifically to Neighborhood of the mouth.

The first inhabitants of this area were primarily Genoa that derives the Genoese dialect 'Zena'. gentilicio, so, It is' zeneixi’ which eventually led to ‘xeneize‘ with which it is known worldwide to blue and yellow team.


The origin of the nickname Club Atlético River Plate and its fans is also quite logical. In 1931, when the Argentine football began to become more professional, team red trim It was the most money invested in signings to assemble the best possible team.

One of the first was the notorious signings Carlos Peucelle by which River He paid about 10.000 pesos, an exorbitant amount in times aquellso. Shortly after arriving were other signings like Bernabe Ferreyra from Tiger. This time they were paid 35.000 pesos.

In just 3 years, River Plate He invested about 150.000 pesos renowned signings which earned him the nickname ‘millionaires‘ still today preserves and which is known not only in Argentina but also in the rest of the world.

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