The biggest comeback in the history of European football

The biggest comeback in the history of European football
The captains of Bayer Uerdingen and Dynamo of Dresden greet each other before the start of the second leg (I hate modern football)

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Few things excite the fans of a certain team more than one comeback. In this article we will rescue one of the most incredible that has occurred in the history of football and that, Many people, surely you don't remember.

The 19 of 1986 they faced each other in the grotenburg stadium the Bayer Uerdingen and the Dynamo Dresden. The clash corresponded to the return of the quarterfinals of the old Cup Winners Cup. The tie had a great incentive, because the faces were two German teams, yes, one representing Federal Germany and one representing Democratic Germany.

The Bayer Uerdingen had sneaked into this competition after winning the German Cup from the almighty Bayern Munich. Meanwhile, Dynamo was one of the usual in European competitions representing Democratic Germany before the fall of the wall.

Everything seemed to be controlled by the Dynamo who achieved a comfortable victory (2-0) in the first leg played in Dresden. And if that was not enough, in return, the result at the break was 1-3 for visitors. That team was led by Klauss Sammer on the bench and her son, Matthias, on the pitch.

Matthias Sammer
Young Matthias Sammer in Dynamo shirt. Years later he would achieve the Ballon d'Or as a player for Borussia Dortmund (Daily mirror)

By all accounts, the local coach told his players at halftime to just go out on the restart to try not to make a fool of themselves. This, it looks like, hurt the pride of their footballers who entered the field of play like a real gale. Proof of this is that they needed to mark 5 goals in just 45 minutes to qualify and they got 6. Wolfgan sparkle was the star of the match with a hat-trick for those at home.

The final marker was 7-3, that left the global in a surprising 7-5 for which nobody would have bet in the rest of the crash. As a curiosity, We cannot ignore the fact that at the end of the match, the visiting player Frank Lippmann he escaped from the hotel where the Dynamo was to not return with his team to the German Democratic Republic and stay in the Federal part.

Frank Lippmann
Frank Lippmann, to the right of the image, was one of the ‘victims’ of the historic comeback of Bayer Uerdingen (Tag24)

That comeback is still one of the most incredible in the history of football. Local fans remember her with great longing as the 6 goals of his team were scored in just half an hour, something that, obviously, It has not been repeated again and less in a European competition match.

The Bayer Uerdingen He made the pass to the semifinals where he saw the faces with the Atletico Madrid who removed it and ended his dream. The people of Madrid fell in the grand final against Dynamo Kiev, who had a great team at the time.

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