Club rivalries that started out as brothers

Club rivalries that started out as brothers
Materazzi and Rui Costa in Milan-Inter (BeSoccer)

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The world of football is full of rivalries. derbies, classics… matches that arouse special interest and that face teams and hobbies that are marked in red that day on the calendar. But nevertheless, curiously, many of these clubs are marked by a very special bond that, sometimes, makes them almost relatives.


It is one of the great duels of Italian Calcium. Milan e Inter they dispute one of the hottest derbies in Europe known as Derby della Madonnina. But nevertheless, what many people may not know, is that FC Internazionale emerged in 1908 like a split from AC Milan.

The reason was none other than the disagreement between the managers of the Rossonero club, which refused to have foreign soccer players in their ranks., several leaders decided to leave Milan and found Inter.


For many it is the derby par excellence of Spanish football. Sevilla Y Real Betis they keep one of the rivalries most atrocious and the hobbies of both clubs feel a special animosity towards whom they consider their great enemy. Again, It is very striking that the Betic set arose in a similar way to the one we have previously discussed.

It looks like, around the year 1907, a promising footballer did not sign for Sevilla because he belonged to a humble family, something the club board refused. This angered several managers who decided to leave and found the Real Betis, initially Sevilla Balompié.

The Seville derby, one of the hottest in Spanish football (The Journal)


A very striking case is that of Athletic Club de Bilbao and the Club Atlético de Madrid. The Madrid ensemble was founded in 1903 with the name of Athletic Club de Madrid for a Basque students living in the capital of Spain. Its initial task was to be a kind of subsidiary or branch, in fact, The players of the Madrid team reinforced the Bilbao club on numerous occasions. further, both teams were prohibited from facing each other in official tournaments.

Finally, over time, Club Atlético de Madrid ‘became independent’ of the Athletic Club and currently both clubs maintain one of the great rivalries of Spanish football.


Everton Y Liverpool they are a different case from the previous ones but also very curious. Everton played their matches in Anfield (Although it seems incredible today). The owner of the stadium, John Houlding, decided to raise the rent to the ‘toffees’, of 100 a 250 pounds. The club owners refused and decided to move to Goodison Park, what would be his new house.

This infuriated John Houlding that you decided to create in 1892 a new club to play at Anfield and rival Everton: The Liverpool FC. The rest is history.

Merseyside derby
Everton and Liverpool vie for the Merseyside derby, one of the greats of English football (Liverpool FC)


The Fla-Flu is how the great classic is known colloquially among the most important clubs in Rio de Janeiro. To get an idea of ​​the importance of both teams, a match that pitted them in 15 from December to 1963 supposed the record of spectators in a soccer stadium with 194.603 nothing more and nothing less.

As in previous cases, the Flamengo was born thanks to the fact that a group of footballers from the Fluminense, disagree with a series of decisions made by the directive of the time, left the club. Thanks to your arrival in Flamengo, the entity founded the soccer section in 1911. In 1912 The first meeting between the two teams is already disputed.

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