The 10 footballers who won the Copa Libertadores and the Champions League

The 10 footballers who won the Copa Libertadores and the Champions League
Carlos Tevez, one of the great idols of the Boca Juniors fans (Public)

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The Liberators cup and the Champions League are the most important trophies at club level in America and Europe respectively. Along the history, only 10 footballers were able to win both titles. Specific, seven Brazilians and three Argentines. We review them:


The guard, international by Brazil, is one of the privileged to achieve Copa Libertadores and Champions League. The first one was obtained in the year 1997 with the cruise. Later, with the AC Milan italiano, he won two European Cups in 2003 Y 2007.


One of the best right backs in football history. Cafu he won two Copa Libertadores with the Sao Paulo consecutive in 1992 Y 1993. From there he made the leap to Europe where he won a Champions League with the AC Milan. In case you were missing titles, it also has two World Cups and two Intercontinental.

Cafú Sao Paulo
Cafu drives the ball in the Intercontinental Cup final that his team, the Sao Paulo, beat FC Barcelona (TPhoto)


The Argentinian Juan Pablo Sorin You can also boast honors. The Argentine left-back is one of the most curious cases in this list. In 1995 was part of the staff of the Juventus who won the European Cup but midway through the season went to River Plate, where he won the Liberators of 1996. That is to say, obtained both titles simultaneously.

Sorin River Plate
Sorin celebrates a goal with the River Plate jersey (The Peru Commerce)


High level Brazilian central. Roque Junior was awarded the Liberators cup in the year 1999 in the ranks of the Palmeiras. Like other players on this list, got the Champions League defending the AC Milan shirt of the year 2002.


Samuel was one of the best Argentine defenders of his time. It was key for Boca Juniors Libertadores will win in the year 2000 (his goal in the semifinals against América is still remembered) Y, later, raised the Champions League with the Inter de Mourinho at 2010.


One of the great Brazilian players in history. Ronaldinho first achieved the Champions League in the ranks of the FC Barcelona in the year 2006. After, in 2013, champion of America in the ranks of the Atlético Mineiro. All a crack.

Copa Libertadores and Champions
Ronaldinho with the Champions League won by Barça in 2006 (


One of the great legends of Boca Juniors. Carlos Tevez is another one who won Copa Libertadores and Champions League. He was first champion of America with Boca in the year 2003, five years later, in 2008, raised the Orejona with the Manchester United.


Neymar stood out very young in the ranks of the Santos from Brazil. There he won the Copa Libertadores in the year 2011 being figure. This served to make the leap to Europe where he won the Champions League in 2015 with the FC Barcelona forming front with Messi and Luis Suárez.


One of the last to join the list of players who won Copa Libertadores and Champions League. Brazil Danilo he was champion of America in 2011 with Santos together with Neymar. Years later, already at Real Madrid, raised the Champions 2015-2016 under the command of Zinedine Zidane.


The last to enter this select group of champions. The Brazilian winger won the Champions League 2012-2013 at Bayern Munich German. Had to wait until 2019 to add with the Flamengo, the only Liberators of her career.

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