“Real Sociedad will never be champion of Copa”

“Real Sociedad will never be champion of Copa”
Arconada and raise Larrañaga King Cup won by the Royal Society 1987 against Atletico Madrid in Zaragoza (Real society)

Many people do not believe in curses or superstitions. But nevertheless, there are stories that, even the most skeptical, make you doubt considering certain “evidence”. It is the case that for many years was known as “the curse of Monsieur Comet Real Sociedad”.

To contextualize the story we have to go to the early years of the twentieth century. At that time a Frenchman named Julian Comet, based in San Sebastián and very fond of cycling, He founded the Club Ciclista de San Sebastián. The year 1907.

Comet introduced the bicycle in the city and as a great lover cycling was fought for the construction of a velodrome that was known as Velodrome Atocha. Shortly after, in 1909, some football players attended the San Sebastian capital Comet to collaborate with them in creating a section of a new sport that had increasingly more followers, el foot-ball. Thus was born the Club Ciclista Foot-ball Club.

Futbolera new section was an immediate success. In 1909 champions Spain were proclaimed and things could not be better. But nevertheless, without knowing it, Comet He was creating a “monster” that would eventually devour.


The rise of football, a football independent new society is created by the Club Ciclista, which was renamed Real Sociedad de Fútbol in 1913. Precisely the need for a larger venue that could accommodate sports fans that made them build the Estadio de Atocha and had to be demolished by the velodrome that had struggled Comet.

By all accounts. that was when the french, very upset about the treatment received, He swore against Real society: “Will never be the champion Real Cup” (at that time there was the league yet), something he had gotten itself Club Ciclista in its first year of history.

For many years, it was feared that the curse of Comet would Unbreakable. The Real society reached the final that year 1913 and lost. The same happened in 1928 Y 1951. But nevertheless, They say no evil 100 last years and finally in 1987 (70 years after the words of the French) He managed to lift the championship trophy cup to the winning penalty shootout to the Atletico Madrid in Zaragoza.

Royal Society Copa del Rey 1987
BRAND cover referring to the Real Sociedad Cup title.

That 27 June 1987 set blue and white He formed with: Arconada, Sagarzazu, Górriz, pledged, Dadie, Lopez Rekarte, Larrañaga, Zamora (Mújica), López Ufarte (Beguiristain), Bakero y Txiki Begiristain. The end result was 2-2 in regulation time. On the part of the donostiarras they scored López Ufarte and Txiki.

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