Thibaut Courtois challenges the recent history of the Zamora Prize

Thibaut Courtois challenges the recent history of the Zamora Prize
Thibaut Courtois, life insurance for the Real Madrid goal (The Spanish)

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The Real Madrid he conquered his last league based on a defensive solidity that had not been remembered in the white house for years. There were a lot more nuances in a season to justify his 34th league, but if we look back, the defensive aspect is the most differential data compared to previous seasons.

With Thibaut Courtois, Real Madrid has managed to make its goalkeeper the Zamora of the league, third award for the Belgian, who have already won two with Atlético de Madrid. All white, favorite to the title one more season in the football betting, He has always been characterized more by scoring goals than by not receiving them, although with the last trophy Zamora, son 18 you conquer the white club, just two from FC Barcelona, team that leads this historic classification and has Antoni Ramallets and Víctor Valdés as the top winners with 5 trophies each.

An award that Real Madrid stopped giving value

Keeping a clean sheet appears as one of the first basic rules on the roadmap of any elite coach. On the one hand, ensures you not lose the match, and on the other, gives you many more chances to win if you have an effective team in front of goal.

FC Barcelona has based a large part of its successes in recent years on achieving this goal, although in more recent history it is Atlético de Madrid that can boast of it, with 4 Zamora awards for Jan Oblak. Much merit, and more considering that the team led by Diego Pablo Simeone is one notch below Real Madrid and Barcelona in terms of staff and budget.

But at Real Madrid he looks more for the goal than not to fit, and in the last 30 years, just 3 goalkeepers have made it, and none have been able to repeat the feat. Since Paco Buyo achieved it for the second time in 1992, there was no goalkeeper in Real Madrid who achieved the feat until Iker Casillas, that Zamora conquered in 2008. Since then, Atleti and Barça shared the prizes until this season, where the Belgian giant has become the goalkeeper less thrashed of the league helping your team win the league.^tfw

Thibaut Courtois, trust your team

Despite starting the season with a clean sheet in Anoeta against Real Sociedad, Real Madrid have been conceding goals in several games and showing themselves to be a weaker team than last season, especially at home, where he has already missed several points and has conceded a good number of goals. Nevertheless, his goalkeeper trusts the squad and sees his team again favorite to all titles, including the Champions League, a goal that the goalkeeper has this year between eyebrows and eyebrows.

The season is long and only time will give or take reasons. We will be aware of whether the Real Madrid goalkeeper is able to continue expanding the history of the Zamora award for the Whites, or if, on the contrary, everything returns to normal and becomes a fight between Atlético de Madrid and FC Barcelona like the previous decade.


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