Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the incredible story of his move to Arsenal NO

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the incredible story of his move to Arsenal NO
Zlatan Ibrahimovic with the Arsenal shirt that he never got to wear officially (inkhelcom)

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic is, without a doubt, one of the best strikers of the 21st century. Swedish footballer, of Bosnian Croat descent, He wore the shirts of some of the best clubs in Europe and signed some of the most spectacular goals remembered..

But nevertheless, very young, Ibrahimovic showed he had a special character. Some call it arrogant and arrogant, others simply genius. Particularly, I think both statements are perfectly compatible.

One of the examples of this pride is found in the year 2000. By then, Zlatan had only 19 years and already attracted the attention of some of the most important clubs in the old continent. It was Arsene Wenger's Arsenal the first to get the striker to travel from Sweden to put on the London club shirt. But nevertheless, the signing never came to a close.

The scouts of Arsenal had set their eyes on that slim striker who surprised by having a tremendous quality and especially a lot of goal. Ibrahimovic was presented at the facilities gunner and he took the typical photos with the team shirt with his name on the back and the number number 9. But nevertheless, problems’ they arrived shortly after when Arsene Wenger summoned him to test with the first team.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic does not test”

The French coach wanted to see live that young attacker of whom he had such good reports but it was not possible. As the Swedish explained: “He said he wanted to see how good it was, to be tested. I could'nt believe it. No, Zlatan does not test”. And in the same way that it reached English lands, returned to his club, the Malmo Swedish.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Young Zlatan more than happy with the shirt gunner with your name already screen printed (The Sun)

Shortly after, Ajax would be the first of the clubs to take over their services and from there a long career full of successes and goals with historical jerseys such as the Inter, Milan, Juve, Barça, Manchester United… among other. A special type, no doubt.

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