Lobo Zagallo and his strange premonition in World Cup final USA 94

Lobo Zagallo and his strange premonition in World Cup final USA 94
Roberto Baggio missed the decisive penalty for the USA World Cup 94. Something the Wolf Zagallo predicted before launch (Photo: Peru.com

Mario The wolf Zagallo He had a strange premonition end of the World Cup USA '94, disputed between Italy and Brazil (0-0) Rose Bowl in Los Angeles.

The same was true 'chorra', but the truth is that the veteran coach was clear that Roberto Baggio He would fail the decisive penalty and was even more sure why. An authentic esoteric cabal. Premonition, hobby or not, the truth is that he was right.

Brazil and Italy precious gambled world Cup on that hot afternoon of the 17 July 1994 which it has rained much. The match, It was for a coach, a monument to the board and to the tactics and genuine chestnut for the average viewer. The meeting did not throw any goal in the 120 minutes the 90 of the party plus 30 extra time. So it came to the fateful penalty shootout where he would play who would be the champion of the World.

Releases from 11 meters followed the trend of the match and were also matched, so everything had to decide on the last penalty. Italy he had in his hand to tie the round or finish runner-up and as always, the maximum final sentence was destined to the best player in the transalpine team, Roberto Baggio. And it was at that moment when Wolf pulled off his prediction.

Roberto Baggio's penalty

Lobo Zagallo He turned calmly and told the first Brazilian coach, Carlos Alberto Parreira : “now we can look”. To which the technical, attack of nerves was decided to ask the veteran Lobo why so sure of that statement. “Why Roberto Baggio has 13 letters, fail to” He responded flatly Zagallo. And Baggio failed. The rest of the story and everybody knows. But this story, stroke of luck or indeed supernatural (we do not know), It was for the history of the World Cup.





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