Tassotti's elbow to Luis Enrique in USA'94

Tassotti's elbow to Luis Enrique in USA'94
Luis Enrique laments having suffered the aggression famous Tassotti. Photo: rtve.es

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For many years, the quarterfinals were a damn round for the Spanish football team. The World 1994, held in United States, was one of the greatest opportunities for combined that, directed by Javier Clemente, He was about to get into semifinals. But nevertheless, Italy trained by Arrigo Sacchi, He was responsible for leaving out the Spaniards who for many years had to endure the rage of the famous Tassotti elbowed Luis Enrique.

Spain It began with some hesitation the World. Drawn in Group C with Germany, South Korea and Bolivia, those of Javier Clemente They started as favorites alongside the Germans. The first match, the Spaniards saw as they were escaping an encounter that had won by 2-0 lack of 5 minutes remaining. But nevertheless, Korean they achieved almost twice followed and both had to settle for a draw (2-2). Goals from Spain They were the work of Goikoetxea and Salinas.

Goiko's goal against Germany

The second group game was against the powerful Germany. Impossible to forget the goal scored by Goikoetxea to the 14 minute match with a fantastic cross-shot that slipped into the goal defended by Bodo Illgner after hitting the post. But nevertheless, somewhat of Klinsmann mythical Shortly after starting on the second part, put the tables on the scoreboard and 1-1 The match ended.

He is the playing Spain in the third and final match of the group stage that pitted Bolivia. The Spaniards went all out and won a convincing victory 1-3 with goals from Guardiola Y Caminero twice. With this result, boys Javier Clemente they reached the round of 16.

The game of the Spanish team was more and in the second round was evident. With goals from Iron, Luis Enrique and Txiqui Beguiristain, Spain achieved a strong 3-0 against Chapuisat's Switzerland in his best game of the tournament. The team reached the quarterfinals at the best time, I expected Italy, as usual, He had barely reached this round hard.

Julio Salinas' ruling against Italy

Impossible to forget that game. For many years, He talked about the great opportunity lost. What could be and was not. The meeting began and very soon, a shot from outside the area Dino Baggio put the 1-0 the score. But nevertheless, far from intimidated, Spain He continued to compete and letting the soul in a game in which that generation of players had pinned all their hopes.

A little to start the second half, a move Luis Enrique Y Sergi the left wing, just this last center to the area to Caminero, with the help of Maldini, achieved the 1-1. Explosion of joy in the Spanish fans and swords across the top.

Would then move key party. In the minute 37 of the second part, a long pitch of Nadal He left completely alone Julio Salinas what, with all in favor, He failed before the Italian goalkeeper Pagliuca. Had been the 2-1 Y, possibly, the pass to semis.

Salinas failure
Julio Salinas had the great chance to make 2-1 for Spain. Photo: rtve.es

But, as often happens in these cases, who forgives ends up paying. A play like, but in this case for Italy, left only Roberto Baggio what, before the departure of Zubizarreta, He dribbled and scored the goal that classified the Italian national team and left out Spain. Nonetheless, Clemente's team kept trying with more heart than head,, definitely, it deserved. And if that was not enough, missing the action most remembered by those who live in this tragic game.

Gol de Baggio
Roberto Baggio and Signori celebrate the winning goal for Italy in the absence of 4 minutes left of the game. Photo: gazzetta.it

Tassotti's controversial elbow to Luis Enrique

In discounting the game, with the entire team looking for a goal to the heroic, Luis Enrique received a elbow of tassotti within the area with the ball game. Clear penalty and expulsion. But nevertheless, the referee saw nothing and also, the Asturian player had to leave the field of play and could not continue due to the blood emanating from his face.

Tears Luis Enrique, fruit of anger and impotence, were those of a whole country watched in amazement as, once again, Spain fell in the quarterfinals undeservedly. Total injustice that had a hard time recovering and, even today, it hurts to remember.

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