What club should be considered the third team in Spain?

What club should be considered the third team in Spain?
The rivalry between Valencia and Atletico Madrid has always been great (nodigagoldigakempes)

What club deserves to be the third team in Spain behind the two who have taken, never better said, as many titles both nationally and internationally and are Real Madrid Y FC Barcelona?. The rivalry between the persecutors is very large.


To take a decision, we will choose to expose as much data as possible for everyone to judge and analyze. At first we analyze the historical league standings which takes into account the points you have achieved all the teams that have played in the First Division since its inception in the season 1928-1929. In this case, the Atletico Madrid surpass both Valencia like Athletic Club de Bilbao so he deserved the third place on the podium. We must clarify that there were many years when victories numbered 2 points and now stands 3.

But nevertheless, others argue that you should take into account other factors such as the number of titles achieved. Based on that premise, It would be the Athletic Club de Bilbao the team would have to take the third place and accumulating a total of 34 Titles, followed by Atletico Madrid which has managed 32 and the Valencia what's wrong with it 23.


Again the discussion arises because in this classification all titles are counted equally and importance only to the amount given and not the “quality”. Without going any further the Barça It has more titles than the Real Madrid but surely they defend Real Madrid has to have greater weight and value Leagues and European Cups in which he is superior to his rival.

In the same way, Some will say that the Athletic Club He does not deserve this third place because all titles are national and has failed to release in terms of international titles, something that does have achieved their rivals for the third place as both Atletico Madrid as Valencia They have achieved titles at European level and have played European Cup final but lost them.

But nevertheless Lions San Mames also have another nail to hold on the number of titles to defend his third place and the Basque club he has never descended to Second Division which itself suffered both Atletico Madrid as the set of Mestalla.

As we say, the issue is not easy so we ask all of you to help us make a decision about it by voting in our poll.

3 thoughts on “What club should be considered the third team in Spain?

  1. Historical classifications are gibberish. What I find absurd is common sense classification “for points” and all going to her head. That perhaps victories “now” are worth more than those of “before”, when they are counting for two points? Unifíquese the rule of two points for a win or three, but never mixed!!! It is a continuous absurd.
    I have always been faithful to the classification of “Dynamic” and I think the fairest. The historical classification of First should be measured by seasons. So that, Valencia still being, League should be the Athletic from here to Lima.
    ¿”The third team”, as stated in article? It is subjective. Each one can be in the league, Cup, a Europe… no criterion is entirely fair. And even so, and preferring always Valencia CF, I understand that historical justice goes with the Athletic. The third team “from Spain” It is what they do “in Spain”.

    1. Hello. We have no shirt for any team because we do not sell shirts. If you mean our sponsors, we already have to discuss it with them. greetings and thanks for your comment.

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