Are Red Bull teams threatens traditional football?

Are Red Bull teams threatens traditional football?
Thierry Henry during his time in the New York Red Bulls (

Since some years, the giant Red Bull has been investing his enormous fortune in the world of sports and football is no exception. The company's popular energy drink has bought the rights from several teams around the world and their teams, made from talonario, They are becoming a serious threat to clubs that have a long tradition.

How many football teams have Red Bull?

In recent decades the number of computers linked to the famous drink have grown like mushrooms. Far from being content with being present in Europe, The Tentacles of the company have been spreading around the world and there are teams Red Bull on three continents. The we go over all:


It was the first team that bought the brand in 2005. The Salzburg, formerly known as casinos Salzburg (although it had nothing to do with the online casinos Spain) It was renamed Red Bull Salzburg and both the shield and the colors of the club became the corporate company. It is one of the strongest of the company that owns and tends to dominate the league Austria and already a fixture in European competitions.


One year later, in 2006, Red Bull bought rights Metrostars and she reached such an important league (from an advertising point of view) as the MLS North American. The New York club featured a cast of major European football stars who came to America in search of a golden retirement. One of the great examples of what we are discussing was the French Thierry Henry, star of Arsenal Y FC Barcelona years ago.


Faithful to the tradition of buying a computer a year, at 2007 appeared the Red Bull Brasil. This time they did not buy a club but created it from scratch. Again we find a great marketing strategy because this club is based in the giant Sao Paulo. They have gradually moved up categories (They began in the lower) and who knows if soon we will see fighting titles with the largest in Brazil.

But it is not the only company operating in the country. The 23 April 2019 It announced the purchase of the Clube Atlético Bragantino and its union with the Red Bull Brasil. The Braga that same year he managed promotion to the top flight and it looks like the two red bulls shirt and has changed its name. At the same the rest of 'franchises’ your goal is to get young talent to train and transfer them for large sums of money. further, slowly, to grow the team to fight for major titles (Copa Libertadores and Brazilian league in this case).


In 2008 He came the new team Red Bull. The company bought the humble and totally amateur SSV Marktrastadt that militated in the lowest categories of German football. Slowly, based investing large sums of money, the new club, RB Leipzig, reached the Bundesliga and it is a fixed both in Europe and in Champions League. In fact, Possibly the greatest threat of Bayern Munich Y Borussia Dortmund by champion league title.

The most serious aspect of this matter is that both the Leipzig As the Salzburg They have crossed at some time in Europe. To avoid the 'problem’ legal, the German team does not have the name of the company, although clearly the RB initial reference it. Definitely, an example of what modern football today where clubs have become companies.


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