Valdano and his story with Cruyff

Valdano and his story with Cruyff
Johan Cruyff in his time at FC Barcelona (Pinterest)

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Needless presentation of either. Johan Cruyff, for many the best player of all time, He had already won 3 European Cups and 3 Golden Balls to the best player in the world. Meanwhile, Jorge Valdano (which among other things would be champion of the World 1986) I was at the beginning of his career at Alaves. Both fought a Cup playoff 1978 in Camp Nou.

Albiazul set (that at that time militated in Second Division) He had obtained a slight advantage thanks to victory 1-0 in the first leg. Barca Cruyff, much suffering, he had managed to turn around the tie and expired by 2-0 at Camp Nou.

And you do not know that 20 Johan Cruyff years must treat you?

It was then that Johan He began to take over the party and the ball, without giving option to the opponent to touch the ball, He despaired something to Valdano recalling a conversation they had with the game on the line.

-Why do not you take that ball home and give us another to others so that we can continue playing? He told the Argentine.

-What is your name? He asked Johan.

-Jorge Valdano. He replied player Alaves.

And how old are you?


-And you do not know that 20 Johan Cruyff years must treat you?

Valdano, which at that time I had actually 22 years, it froze before the serious mien of Cruyff soon he smiled to show it was a joke.

Finally, Johan he got away with it and FC Barcelona He kept the scoring and ranking achieved by leaving out of the competition at the Deportivo Alavés. From the first moment, Cruyff He demonstrated in the field, giving orders, placing his colleagues and always have control of the parties, besides being a great player would be a great coach as well was.




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