The highest paid players and coaches of the world

The highest paid players and coaches of the world
The highest paid players and coaches of the world (

The salary of a footballer has always been very high compared to the average of a worker. But nevertheless, a while now, the amounts that moves the world of football verges on the indecent. We review the best players and coaches paid based on currently published by sports daily l´Equipe.

The best paid footballers the world

As regards players, Leo Messi It is the first classified by far. Argentina receives, nothing more and nothing less, what 8,3 million euros gross a month. followed, very far, Cristiano Ronaldo. Portuguese pocketed 4,5 million euros gross a month. yes, the ram of Juventus he has a much more advantageous tax system due to playing in Italy.

After the two stars, several players in the French PSG appear. Neymar cobra 3 million euros gross a month by 2 your teammate Kylian Mbappé that borders the two million monthly (1,9 approximately).

Spanish League once again the dominant if we continue with the list. Griezmann Y Luis Suarez earn 3 million a month by 2.5 they perceive two players of Real Madrid, Gareth Bale Y Eden Hazard.

The highest paid coaches

If you surprised to see the figures used when analyzing the best paid footballers in the world, still you can hit more if we look at the coaches who lead this ranking.

Diego Pablo Simeone It is the outstanding leader. Argentina sees the incredible figure 3,6 million euros per month. His nearest rival is far from that amount. Pep Guardiola desire 1,9 million each month on the bench for Manchester City.

Jose Mourinho Y Jurgen Klopp, coaches Tottenham and Liverpool respectively, they get 1,46 million euros to the month. Close this list 'top', Zinedine Zidane Y Antonio Conte, with 1,40 Y 1,38 million each month.


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