Real Sociedad-Athletic Club. The derby ikurriña

Real Sociedad-Athletic Club. The derby ikurriña
The captains of Real Sociedad and Athletic Club enter the field with ikurriña (Photo: water)

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More or less all have the image in my head and we have seen on numerous occasions. The two captains Real society Y Athletic Club entering the field holding a ikurriña. But should contextualize the image to better understand what meant the act.

It happened 5 from December to 1976. They faced in the old stadium Atocha the Real society and the Athletic Club de Bilbao. Just a year before, the 20 November 1975, Franco had died. Spanish society was in transition and there was a confrontation between Franco and those who craved and demanded freedom. All regional flags had been authorized except Basque who was considered by some as a separatist flag and associated with terrorism.

Josean ikurriña SICKLE

Before this panorama, The derby was a great opportunity to reclaim the flag of all Basques. The idea was hatched during the week and had to be carried in absolute secrecy. One of the players Real society of that time, Of the sickle, he instructed his sister to do the ikurriña without saying what purpose.

Once it lacked was made more complicated, take it to Atocha. The player himself PORTO hidden in his car and beat one of the usual police records around the stadium. Once inside, missing convince other players to the captains entered the field with the rest of the 22 footballers with banner.

That was how Kortabarria, Captain of the Royal, e Iribar, Athletic captain, They jumped with ikurriña 'With legs’ (as shown in the picture) They are belonging to Of the sickle. In addition to players, coaches were aware (so much Irulegui as Aguirre who they had also been players from both teams).

The plan had gone as planned and the claim was made to the surprise and excitement of the audience that filled the stands of the legendary stadium donostiarra. The referee, Andalusian Sánchez Rivers, I did not know anything about it, it was recorded in the scoresheet. both sets, rivals in sports, They had joined this time for an act trying to accelerate the process of freedom of a country that had lived a long dictatorship.

Real Sociedad thrashed ATHLETIC CLUB

Regarding the match, the Real society He thrashed Athletic by a strong 5-0. It was the prelude to Real powerful win two league titles with players like Arconada, Kortabarria, Satrústegui Lopez Ufarte.

A historic derby known as 'Derby ikurriña‘, by the way, looks at the museum. A few days later, the 19 of January of 1977, Basque flag was raised in the Constitution Square in San Sebastian. Definitely, a story film.


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