Why Juventus Wears blanquinegro? Why is called Vecchia Signora?

Why Juventus Wears blanquinegro? Why is called Vecchia Signora?
Rossi, Platini and Boniek, star of Juventus in the years 80 (These Football Times)

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The Juventus It is one of the biggest teams in Italy and Europe. Not in vain, set White black is the club with the most titles in the Italian Serie A and one of the most international trophies owns worldwide.

Today we will focus on why the Juventus showed blanquinegra his classic jacket. First I must say that the club, founded in 1897, He began wearing pink shirt and black. Over the years, Team T-shirts they were wearing use something that did not go unnoticed Gordon Thomas Savage, an English distributor of textiles.

In 1903, Savage seeing you deteriorated they were the lumps of Juve, He decided to contact a textile manufacturer Nottingham and asked for a new batch of pink and black shirts. This is where the history of the T-shirt Juventus would have a totally unexpected change. Apparently, that pale shade of pink with black meant I had a great resemblance to the Notts County, blanquinegro, so that manufacturer made them very similar to those of this club and sent to Italy.

When the shirts arrived in Turin, both managers and the players were surprised while disappointed. They did not like anything new clothing but had no choice but to accept it and started playing with it.

Over time, the black and white colors were part of the Italian club. Big stars like Platini, Zidane, Del Piero and many dressed them, yes, pink and black T-shirt has been present throughout history in both alternative uniforms and the club's centenary.

The old lady

Addition to the curious story of the origins of the T-shirt Juventus, we want to explain to our readers the origin of the nickname of the most successful club in Italian football. The vast majority of football fans know that the Turin team is known by the Old lady but… Where does this nickname?

In the beginning, the club had a great influence of the British aristocracy, as it happened in many other teams around the world. It was in 1923 when the family Agnelli, owns the brand FIAT, He took over the company blanquinegra. At that time it was quite common for the working class, in factories, call the bosses 'Vecchios signores'. At ser Juve a 'team’ (team) It became popular nickname in Italy.

further, rivals fans Juventus They used it in a derogatory manner as the owners of the Italian brothels were also called 'Vecchias signoras'.



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