The day Marco Van Basten got fed up with Sacchi

The day Marco Van Basten got fed up with Sacchi
Marco Van Basten and Sacchi had their pluses and minuses at AC Milan (Always Milan)

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Marco Van Basten is one of the best strikers in history. The Dutch footballer triumphed at AC Milan by Arrigo Sacchi, considered one of the great teams of all time. But nevertheless, the relationship between ‘9’ Milan player and Italian coach was not entirely good.

As we all know, Arrigo Sacchi he was a very obsessive coach. Any detail was important and not only did he think only and exclusively about football but he wanted his players to do the same. Upon arrival at AC Milan in 1987 supposed a before and after in the entity Rossoneri. There he directed some of the best European footballers of the moment: Ruud Gullit, Frank Rijkaard Y Marco Van Basten, among others.

Milan de Sacchi
Albertini, Gullit, Baresi, moneybags, Van Basten… a template of authentic luxury (Infobae)

Marco Van Basten: “While I eat, Do not talk to me”

In a training in Milanello, the coach fattened with the striker, who never quite identified with Sacchi's way of working. As explained by Van Basten himself, the talk continued in the locker room, while showering and even after, in the dining room. It was then that the striker exploded: “While I eat, Do not talk to me”. He said as he hit the table hard.

Sacchi Van Basten
Arrigo Sacchi and Van Basten during a training session in Milanello (Four Four Two)

The relationship between Sacchi Y Marco Van Basten it was deteriorating. This, coupled with the coach's desire to coach the Italian team, caused his departure, by the way, it was received with enthusiasm by a large part of the staff: “It wasn't just a party for me, everyone was happy with their departure. I was the only one who went against him, although most thought like me. The only one who always agreed with him was Ancelotti”. Sacchi was an awesome hammer. I wanted all the players to think only about football. It was a constant brainwashing”. I had in an interview in 1993 Van Basten himself.

After Sacchi's departure, I arrive Fabio Capello. Milan still extended their successes culminating with the European Cup achieved against FC Barcelona by Johan Cruyff in 1994. That same summer, Italy de Sacchi lost the World Cup final against Brazil in the United States. One year later, Marco Van Basten announced his final retirement from football because of the damned injuries. His last match was played in 1993.

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