Garmendia, the butcher who became a legend of SD Eibar

Garmendia, the butcher who became a legend of SD Eibar
Garmendia defended the goal of SD Éibar for almost 20 years (Photo: The Basque newspaper)

Today we would like to dedicate a few lines to a myth of our football that surely did not have the media repercussion it deserved while it was active.. And it wasn't for lack of merit, since he did more than enough after military throughout his sports career at the same club, the one from your land, the SD Eibar. Your name: Juan Ignacio Garmendia.

Garmendia the butcher of Eibar

He started his soccer career in 1978 defending the goal of the Barça when he was a member of the Regional Preferente and abandoned it 20 years later in the Second Division. During all this time he became, like is logic, an icon for your hobby. But the Basque goalkeeper never lost the humility that characterized him and he combined his career as a footballer with the regency of a butcher shop in the small northern town, what earned him the nickname of “The butcher”.

Garmendia, the butcher of Éibar
Garmendia in his butcher shop (Photo: Youtube SD Éibar)

As the years passed, he accumulated successes in sports. In 1988 achieved the club's first promotion to the Second Division. That season had as an anecdote that Garmendia managed to score a goal at the Pontevedra stadium with a strong serve that went from goal to goal. further, was able to tackle two penalties in the final match against Cultural Leonesa.

The 2 Zamoras of Second of Garmendia with Eibar

Already in second, the gunsmith team became a classic in the silver division with 18 consecutive seasons without descending. During this time, the Basque keeper managed to win twice with the Zamora trophy which is awarded to at least thrashed in the category (seasons 1991-1992 Y 1995-1996).

His great performances allowed his team to first reach professional football and later take hold. It was then that offers came from other higher-class clubs, but he was always faithful to his club and his city and did not move.. In the season 1997-1998 decides to hang up the boots after 20 years and more than 500 official matches in the SD Eibar becoming myth and legend of the club to dedicate himself exclusively to his butcher business. An example of humility and work of a historical player whose story deserves to be told.

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