When the FC Barcelona wore white

When the FC Barcelona wore white
Milan and Barcelona on the pitch to face in 1959 (Sports world)

The tremendous rivalry between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona It has caused everything to be white or black (in this case Barca) no average. But nevertheless, Although it may seem incredible today, There was a time in which Barca wore white.

True, it was not usual and rarely happened since, Contrary to modern times, for a team not to play with his first kit had to be almost complete agreement with rival.


A) Yes, in the years 40, the Barça I used to play with a white shirt when he visited the legendary stadium Pasarón to face Pontevedra or when playing against Levante Catalan wearing a kit virtually identical to culés. In fact, In the season 46-47 He came to play white against granota set in Les Corts because in those days it was customary to change the shirt off your computer acting as a local.

A few years after Barcelona played white against Birmingham in the former Fairs Cup. But nevertheless, by then, it did with the shield of the city of Barcelona on the shirt and not the club. Was the 4 November 1959 when the club played its official coat with white shirt, azulgranas blue pants and socks against AC Milan in the European Cup.

From there were several occasions when the Catalans played with White T-shirt. Against Hannover in 1966, against Inter Milan 1970, against Steaua in 1971 and a couple of times in England against Ipswich Town and the Aston Villa respectively.

Barca white
Barca training in their match against Ipswich Town in the Cup Winners 1978-1979 (Photo: equiposdefutbol2.blogspot.com)

Today it seems unthinkable that the marks are even risking to propose this type of shirt to FC Barcelona and prefer “fixtures” designs and colors with no history equipaciones. It is demonstrated that the club was white as alternative baggage from years 40 the late 70 so that, turning to do, It would be a story away from clothing with experiments of modern football.

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