The best forwards center football history

The best forwards center football history
Ronaldo Nazario, possibly, the best striker in history (9inesports)

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We recently made several lists the best central defenders in history as well as of the best goalkeepers of all time. Today, we will focus on a position that usually monopolize all sources and to highlight the best center forwards that have existed.

As we always say, This is a totally subjective choice and everyone will have their opinion on the matter since deciding who is the best striker in history, It's something that seems complicated. What we try to do to select the 10 best forwards historically speaking, is to focus on his 'killer' profile, area man, what it is still a '9’ lifelong.

This is why players like Skin, di Stéfano O Bobby Charlton they will not appear because we regard them as' total footballers’ able to play in virtually any field position, as well they made. In the same way, are 'out of competition’ Messi Y Cristiano Ronaldo, definitely, born two scorers also began occupying other positions on the field both in the belt as mediapunta. that said, Here are the best '9’ history as FUBOLRETRO.ES

The best forwards in the history of football

Puskás Ferenc

Ferenc Puskas
True, it was another era but Ferenc Puskas achieved what is from another planet. The leader of the legendary Hungarian team was able to score 709 goals in 720 official matches. Really crazy. (

Telmo Zarra

Telmo Zarra
Legend Athletic Club was a goal machine. In a time when so many games are not played as now, Zarra averaged nearly a goal a game (374 many in 413 meetings). He was the only player to have achieved 6 ‘pichichis‘ consecutively and is the top scorer in the history of Spain Cup. Myth (Scoopnest)


Eusebio Portugal
Eusebio is one of the biggest front center that has given football. Figure of Portugal (although he born in Mozambique) He averaged more than a goal per game over his career until he left Benfica. Finally finished averaging 0,97 (622 goals in 638 matches). 11 Suspenders, 5 Cups and one European Cup with the Lisbon side. 10 times top scorer in the Portuguese championship, Ballon d'Or 1965 and twice Golden Boot (1968 Y 1973). a portent (RTVE)


The best strikers
In a list ofthe best forwards in history It is impossible for Gerd Muller not to appear. The Torpedo’ scored goals like hotcakes. In the year 1972 I note 85 goals, record in a calendar year until he was overtaken by Messi. I note 701 official goals throughout his career (It is said that more than 1.400 friendly counting and regional tournaments). A golden ball, two Golden Boots, top scorer in Bundesliga history in which finished as top scorer in 7 occasions. Also top scorer in the European Cup in other 4. A '9’ it became fashionable the number 13 (Outdoor)


Van Basten
One of the best strikers ever. Only a premature withdrawal due to injury prevented him establish greater goalscoring figures. Crack del Ajax, Milan and of course Holland won the European Championship in 1988. 6 times Pichichi’ in the Netherlands and Italy, 3 Gold balls and 2 times Golden Boot (Football Notes)


The best strikers
Considered the best Mexican striker in history and one of the best of all time. Hugo Sanchez was a goal machine in his native country and then in Europe in the ranks of Real Madrid or Athletic. Mexico scored 38 League goals 1989-1990 setting a record that lasted until the arrival of Cristiano and Messi. More of 500 goals throughout his career and 5 trophies Pichichi’ La Liga. Its Chilean and somersaults marked a whole generation (Poblanerías)


Ronaldo Nazario
When one thinks of a list of the best forwards center of history one name comes to mind: Ronaldo Nazario. Brazil, like Van Basten, He dented his career because of injuries. Even so, goals were falling from the pockets. In its heyday it was simply unstoppable. We are certainly against the best '9’ of all times (yahoo Sports)

Gabriel Batistuta

The best strikers
'Batigol’ It was a portent scorer. Top scorer in the history of Argentina in the World, He highlighted in Newell's, River and Boca before making the leap to Europe to succeed in Fiorentina and Roma. It is the 4th top scorer in the history of the Italian League 242 goals (Page 12).


Although I used to play with 10 one he 11 To the back, Romario was a 9 as few. So credited his 702 official goals and over 1.000 if you count unofficial parties. His awards and individual awards would not fit in this caption. In the area it was absolutely lethal (Latina)


The best strikers
Certainly it was not the most technical, nor the fastest, but when making goals did not fail to quote. Not in vain, the German (Although he born in Poland) It is the top scorer in World Cup history. In the Bundesliga and Italian Calcio could enjoy his goals. Top scorer of the German team, non-Italian top scorer of Lazio… (world D)







Javier Argudo

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  1. Puskas is the best Playmaker in history, did not play 9, there he played proper, Of Stefano (the best player in the history of this sport; the total player by the way) but if it is for that very reason, since he played all over the field, all the positions, goalkeeper included, who cannot be considered for a single position.
    Be that as it may, Puskas was the Punta, did not play 9

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