When Cantona made Leeds United champion

When Cantona made Leeds United champion
Cantona celebrates one of his three goals in the final against Liverpool's 1992 (Pinterest)

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When one thinks of the figure of Eric Cantona, immediately, comes to mind Manchester United. But nevertheless, today we want to remember your brief, but more than successful, I pass by Leeds United, his first club in England.

From very young, Cantona was the protagonist where he played. With 25 years, the French footballer was a member of the Nimes from his native country. There, he was one of the best footballers on the team, but nevertheless, was involved in a great controversy. In a match between his team and Saint-Étienne, the forward was sent off for hitting the referee after he pointed out a foul.

His action cost him 4 sanction matches that were extended to 2 months after Cantona call to “idiots” to committee members. The French, before what he considered an injustice, came to consider the withdrawal of football at that precise moment, with only 25 year old.

It was then when he decided to leave the league of his country. Thus, Eric Cantona arrived in England where he did a test with Sheffield Wednesday. But nevertheless, Trevor Francis, team technician, dismissed his transfer as too expensive. At that moment it appeared Howard Wilkinson, coach Leeds United, to get the Gallic signed by 900.000 pounds.

The debut Cantona with T Leeds United It occurred 8 February 1992. Although his performance in terms of goals was not crazy during the season (framework 3 in league), his role in the team was essential. His understanding with footballers like Lee Chapman, Gary McAllister and Gary Speed ​​led the set of Elland Road to conquer the title of league champion (the last one before the creation of the Premier League).

Leeds United 4 Liverpool 3

But Cantona still had to say goodbye in style. The 8 August 1992, the Leeds United faced Liverpool in the final of the League Cup (Charity Shield) in Wembley. The end result was 4-3 for Leeds with a hat-trick French striker. Just a few days later, the Premier League began 1992-1993.

Leeds United Charity Shield
Cantona, the big star of the final, poses with the Charity Shield trophy (Leeds Live)

But nevertheless, again the character of Cantona collided with the coach. Wilkinson's game system seemed to dislike Gallic footballer too much that the 26 November 1992 I was going to Manchester United by Álex Ferguson in exchange of 1,2 million pounds. Definitely, one of the biggest ol chollos’ of the history of football taking into account the great performance of the player in ‘Red Devils’.

The stage of the Gallic attacker, although brief, couldn't be more successful in the team Elland Road. In just a few months, League and Charity Shield champion with a decisive influence on the game. With the shirt white disputed 20 matches (13 League) and he scored 11 goals.


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