The most famous ghost goal in World Cup history

The most famous ghost goal in World Cup history
The most famous ghost story goal scored by Hurst English and awarded by the Russian linesman Bakhramov Tofiq (Brand)

The 30 July 1966 It was played at the stadium Wembley one of those games that remain in the memory of those who could contemplate and which occurred most famous ghost goal history.

they faced England Y Germany in the final of the World Cup with old wounds still unhealed after the end of World War II just 19 years earlier.

That day all the lights were on two players: Bobby Charlton Y jovencísimo to Franz Beckenbauer. But nevertheless, German coach Helmut Schoen's instructed the 'Kaiser’ an individual marking on the star of the English team and both players were locked together.


It was a final that had absolutely everything. goals, emotion and above all controversy. The party reached the end of the game tied at two goals. The Germans had gone ahead with a goal from Helmut Haller to the 12 minutes but England had given him around the marker with two goals Geoff Hurst (which ultimately would be the great protagonist of the game) y Martin Peters. When it seemed that the cup would stay home, Weber equalized for the Germans that forced overtime and.

It was in overtime when Geoff Hurst He made history by scoring two more goals to become the first player to score three goals in a World Cup final. But nevertheless, both they were very controversial, especially the first one since its launch after hitting the crossbar bounced over the line. According to the Russian linesman, Tofik Bakhramov, It was a goal and the match referee, Swiss Dienst, it granted. The second, which marked the final 4-2, It came with three spectators who had invaded the pitch.

that Saturday 30 June 1966 Bobby Charlton's England, Alan Ball, Gordon Banks, Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and company beat the Germans with the invaluable assistance of Bakhramov who has the honor of being the only referee who has a stadium with his name (presided over by a statue) Baku en su natal.

already 1995, a study carried out by the Oxford University determined that the ball had not actually entered completely. A small part of the ball touched the lime of the goal line so the goal that practically decided the final in favor of England should not have gone up to the scoreboard.

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