Top scorers in the history of RCD Espanyol

Top scorers in the history of RCD Espanyol
Cashew, Espanyol captain, before a derby against FC Barcelona (Photo: Doll)

Today we want to review the list of the top scorers in the history of RCD Espanyol, a classic of Spanish Liga. Not in vain, parakeet complex occupies seventh place in the historical league standings and only it has absented in 4 seasons in the top flight.

In this article we have chosen the five top scorers RCD Espanyol with their targets signed his name with golden letters in the history of the club.

Raúl Tamudo (140 GOLES)

Top scorers Espanyol
Raul Tamudo is a legend of parakeet set. The Catalan forward played for 14 seasons in the first team that arrived from the blue and white quarry. To remember some memorable goals as' Tamudazo’ it belongs to the image (Photo: As)


Marañón RCD Espanyol
After not having the necessary continuity in Real Madrid, Cashew arrived at Espanyol where he was uncovered as a great goalscorer. In the rows of equipment marked parakeet 111 goals spread over 9 seasons. (Photo: Doll)

Julian Arcas (86 GOLES)

Julián Arcas
Julián Arcas, one of the classics in the history of Espanyol. The striker was able to score 86 many in 11 dressed seasons blanquiazul. He was one of the protagonists of the biggest win in the history of derbies Barcelona in which he scored two goals (Photo: Halloffameperico)


Angel Calvo RCD Espanyol
Angel Calvo Olascoaga Espanyol came from the Barakaldo and became one of the top scorers in the history of the club Parakeet. The Basque player was able to score 69 goals for 7 seasons (Photo: Halloffameperico)


Marcet Domingo
Francisco Marcet Sunday signed for Espanyol after not having many opportunities in the Real Madrid. In the box parakeet he got a good figure 63 goals in 7 seasons which establishes him as the 5th leading scorer in club history (Photo: Pericos online)





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