The biggest win in the history of derbies Barcelona

The biggest win in the history of derbies Barcelona
El histórico marcador de 'El Chalet' que reflejaba el 6-0 Espanyol favor against his rival (Photo: scoring Soccer)

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The rivalry between the two clubs Barcelona It is more than evident since its founding. Throughout history the FC Barcelona It was the giant that has dominated the city and has achieved most titles and success. But nevertheless, the RCD Espanyol He has the honor of having achieved the biggest win in the history of clashes between the two teams until today.

It happened 15 April 1951 in Sarria. He disputed the penultimate round of the season 1950-1951 and the RCD Espanyol Permanence is played as a defeat he would send promotion relegation. The FC Barcelona had lost their chance of being league champion but a day before sending his rival to such promotion was one of his motivations that day.

The Catalans led by the Slovak Ferdinand Daucik, They took to the field with the intention to make life difficult for the whole españolista. Nothing is further from reality. Parakeets party began an unbeatable way and just half an hour and sent by 4-0 on the scoreboard completely making it clear to the forward defense of the Catalans who were trying to leave local players offside unsuccessfully any.


In the second half fell a couple of goals by closing a historic win. Doublet Arcas, one of the best strikers in the history perica, of Degree and goals Egea Y Marcet They completed the 6-0 He is reflecting the definitive marker of the building known as 'The chalet’, Instead it was used, among other things, as a residence for some players españolista template.

Espanyol 6 Barça 0
Arcas scoring one of the goals of that historic afternoon at Ramallets (Photo: Halloffameperico)

That day the Ramallets, Seguer, Segarra, Basra and company were thrashed by Arcas, Egea, Degree, Marcet and the other players, by then, directed Juan José Nogués. They remain part of the history of derbies as it remains the biggest win today.

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