Raul Tamudo, Man of the important goals

Raul Tamudo, Man of the important goals
Raul Tamudo made history by stealing the ball to Toni in the final of Copa del Rey in Mestalla 2000 (Photo: Sports world)

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The end result was 2-1 for him RCD Espanyol, but everyone remembers, virtually the sole, Raul Tamudo's goal. The front, expert in making important goals, surprised Toni, goalkeeper Atletico Madrid, appearing from behind while Atletico goalkeeper bounced the ball.

Parakeet striker took the ball, He dribbled Toni and he introduced the leather on the back of the net. It was certainly never seen a goal that was recorded in the memory of those who were following football at that time.

The goal was a slab for Atletico Madrid he could no longer lift in that final in Mestalla a 28 May 2000. Five minutes from the final whistle, Sergio to him 2-0 for Whites and practically he sentenced the meeting.

Only goal Hasselbaink at 90 He puts some excitement to the last moments of match. The RCD Espanyol could that day a new Cup title after 60 years of drought (his last Cup title dated back to 1940).


Maybe that was the most famous goal from Raul Tamudo's career, But it was not the only one, much less. In fact, the attacker ranks first in the list of the top scorers RCD Espanyol.

Not in vain, one of them, marking the FC Barcelona at Camp Nou and that meant the 2-2 definitive absence of a minute to the end of the game, He became known asEl Tamudazo’ and put in the tray for the league title Real Madrid. It happened 9 June 2007 and equipment Capello champion proclaimed a day later.

SAVES Tamudo Rayo Vallecano

Not all important goals of the player were Santa Coloma de Gramenet Espanyol. Fans Vallecano Ray always they have to Raul Tamudo in the heart. The Catalan player, He played in the set Vallecas In the season 2011-2012, happen to the team's history by scoring in the last minute of the last day, the goal that would give permanence to the Madrid team against Granada. That goal condemned Villarreal the decline.

Raul Tamudo in Vallecas
Tamudo's goal in injury time against Granada invasion caused the field and gave permanence to Rayo Vallecano (Photo: brand)

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