Monchi, unfortunate substitute goalkeeper executive success

Monchi, unfortunate substitute goalkeeper executive success
Monchi, looking Pelaz, with Maradona when both agreed Sevilla (El Correo de Andalucía)

The story of Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo “Monchi” for the book. We all remember that Substitute goalkeeper score of Sevilla I was taunted and jeers by many television programs attacked mercilessly with that kid who for one reason or other never played and when did suffer some misfortune.

Monchi it has always Curran. From a young age well until reaching the sevillista subsidiary which itself had a great season in 1989-1990 which it helped him to make the leap to the first team at the same time studying law at the University.

But nevertheless, in his first five seasons in the First Division only played 9 matches (7 of them in his debut) passing entire campaigns blank shadow Juan Carlos Unzue.


Precisely his debut came a 13 of January of 1991 after almost a whole lap without playing. That day had the opportunity to be a starter for the first time in Atotxa against Real Sociedad and the minute 3 party they broke a finger. But Monchi I was not willing to miss that opportunity he had been waiting and played the whole game, yes, with that had a resounding lack sung prompting the goal of the opponent and deprived the team of victory (1-1).

Monchi Sevilla FC
Monchi in its stage as player sevillista (ABC de Sevilla)

That first season Sevilla only he won one game of 7 in which the keeper started and his performances were not too good. and he forged the legend of Monchi what, as we say, He spent almost the next four campaigns blank since neither Vicente Cantatore, ni Luis Aragones, ni Billiards They gave Ball.


It was in the 1996-1997 when Monchi had much more prominence hand José Antonio Camacho But precisely this was the season in which Sevilla suffered relegation to the Second Division in which remained following two, also with our protagonist as first deputy Casagrande and subsequently Leal.

The Sevilla goalkeeper had to retire very young, with only 30 years, because I could not stand more pain in the shoulder. At least you can say that retired leaving Sevilla back in the First Division and that was when he began his climb to the top. It was first delegate of the club, then link with the rocks, Press Officer, hotels booking charge to become one of the best sports directors of the world and giving more to the Seville club with signings with stops.


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