Why stripes tee Granada CF are horizontal?

Why stripes tee Granada CF are horizontal?
Initial formation of the legendary Granada CF in the early 70 (Póster As Color)

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Every football club has its own history, his own singular note that makes it different from others, that special something that makes more or less absorbant mass of people behind him. There is no doubt that the basic note of uniqueness of any club is your own t-shirt, the color, the forma etc.. But in the case of T Granada CF Note that common distinction takes a special look. Beyond colors, the way they carry is practically unique in the patriotic football.

More like other sports like rugby or hockey, horizontal stripes is the great differential sign of Granada CF T-Shirt. But how and why dresses this way the club Nazari? It has a simple explanation. Easier to understand today in this supercomercializado football: marketing. Perhaps commonplace today, but something totally out of the ordinary in the years seventy.

The 22 August 1973, coinciding with the first edition of Trofeo Ciudad de Granada, The home team jumped to the lawn Los Carmenes shirt with horizontal stripes. Undoubtedly marked a radical change, thereby it striking the little impact it had on their day such alteration.

Journalist account Ramón Ramos, present as a spectator at the party -in an article in Granada Today– , that "more than one ¡oh! admiration or surprise no.

A few weeks before Ideal newspaper He gave the first in a terse lines signed Paco Vega

“Everything is important and therefore I tell you. The Granada will wear the same colors this year, but not the same way to take. The shirts will be red and white horizontal stripes ... you have the shield in the center and the number on the shoulder”.

Multisport days later a section of the same newspaper noticiera turned to echo the news, jocular pointed so that if such a change was due to practical or psychological circumstances, so "new uniform, new life". While José Luis Piñero, also in Ideal He spent a few weeks later "sincere applause" who "has decided to change the direction of the stripes ... because in football there is very little originality … although many will make the easy joke to compare players in the uniform of the prison, the Granada is distinguished in all fields tread ". From now on, nothing else.


Years later the own Ramón Ramos He explained in Years of Pichichi, what Cándido Gómez He sought to strengthen the brand Granada CF, "An image that differentiated and individualizase the club against the other teams ... was presented with several options: two bands, checkered, to small squares like a chessboard… He chose the fourth option, horizontal stripes, because the others seemed very bold ".

And that was how, without ads, without explanation and practically tiptoes, the Granada turned 90 degrees. Verticality to horizontality. From the common to the Original. He premiered the symbol of which is presumed forever. Cándido Gómez, the president who most years has been leading the club, He was ahead of his time and a great commercially accurately found a note of distinction so important in the business world.

Even if at first we assumed the change without further, not all seasons are respected. Just two years later, Granada CF T-Shirt again vertical stripes: midseason and technical decision, the famed Miguel Muñoz. Perhaps out of superstition and looking for a change of dynamics that did not occur because ran down to the second division vertically.

Since then the team has gone changing the verticality horizontality, depending on the season without apparent reason other than their own president's decision to shift. Both sides had their defenders and detractors. While it is true that Slashes were so primitive was that the misfortunes that were happening coincided with this geometric sense and increasingly more adept charged horizontality.

So they were happening club t-shirts, until the 17 July 2004. Date on which an assembly of members approved the tee Granada CF was with horizontal stripes forever. Then the skin of granadinistas had already turned horizontally.

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