Paco Salillas, high scorer Professor paddle

Paco Salillas, high scorer Professor paddle
Salillas is one of the best strikers in the history of Levante (Vamosmilevante)

When one speaks of Paco Salillas he comes to mind a word: goal. A front of before, of those that did not look weird hairstyles (difficult it was) or tattoos. In fact, Paco had little pint of player but it was a great scorer in almost all the teams who were lucky enough to have him.

Born in Alagón (Zaragoza) a 7 of January of 1966, He began his career in Aragonese teams (Illueca, Teruel, Binéfar until the Real Zaragoza, through its subsidiary Deportivo Aragón). First division had little luck since only goal scored 6 goals in the whole hand and 3 at Celtic, club he would play soon after.

Paco Salillas Celta
Paco Salillas Celta's shirt against Sevilla Maradona (yojugueenelcelta)

It was in the second division where the striker proved his worth. First in the Lleida, where he scored 28 goals in two seasons, later in the Villarreal where did 27 in other two.

But without any doubt, was in the Levante where he left his best figures and a lasting memory among fans granota. He came in 1998 in the winter to achieve promotion to Second B to Second, scoring 15 goals in half a season. But nevertheless, the best was yet to come.

Aragon got 20 targets in 1999-2000 which served to get the Pichichi trophy Silver category. One year later, would be the team's top scorer with 17 goals surpassed only by Salva Ballesta of the Atletico Madrid which achieved 21.

The granota set a couple of years left to CD Castellón where continued goleando (20 goals in two seasons). He finished his career with more than 40 years in smaller teams like Alagón, Figueruelas and swirls.


But what has been Paco Salillas after hanging up his boots? This horse lover created two companies in his native Aragon. An ice cube and also built two paddle courts in his village, where he teaches the sport which has been declared fan and the title of professor he pulled entitled.

Paco Salillas pádel
Paco Salillas in his new role as professor of pádel (Herald)

Definitely, a change of life of a man who was always humble, simple and worker both on and off the field. A player that is impossible not to love and representing the values ​​of football lifelong.

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