The four goals of Butragueno Denmark in Mexico '86

The four goals of Butragueno Denmark in Mexico '86
Butragueno was the star with four goals to Denmark in the World Cup in Mexico '86 (Photo: ABC / Flash Press)

It is one of the most remembered by football fans games Spain. The day of the four goals of Butragueno to Denmark.

The group led by Miguel Muñoz He had managed to qualify as the second group (after he swiped a goal against Brazil Michel which would have entailed the lead) He had to face Denmark, a selection that arrived in a very good state of form after winning all three matches in the group stage.

But nevertheless, that 18 June 1986 Danes with Michael Laudrup among others, They were crushed by a Spanish selection in which stood out above all the small figure of a boy of 22 year-old Emilio Butragueno.

The front, He is beginning to gain a foothold in the Real Madrid and he was a member of the 'Quinta del Vulture’ formed by Michel, Pardeza, Sanchis, Martin Vazquez and Butragueno own, He had no mercy on his rival that day.

Even though Denmark He took the lead with a goal Olsen After the half hour, the four goals of the player who wore the '9’ that afternoon left the party resolved. A goal Goikoetxea completed 'mannitol’ with which Spain He sent home to his rival.

BUTRAGUEÑO was not enough

Unfortunately, in quarterfinals Spain fall eliminated in a tragic such penalty against Belgium in which Eloy event He missed the only release for the Spaniards who were at the gates of the semifinals of the World Championship, by the way, they had in store a cross against Maradona's Argentina. A junction, by the way, I not like absolutely nothing technical Billiards who regarded the Spanish one of the most complicated.

the albiceleste, which he ended proclaimed champion of the tournament, he qualified after the famous match against England with two goals from '10’, known as 'The hand of God’ and 'goal of the century'.

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