Best 11 history of Levante UD

Best 11 history of Levante UD
Best 11 Historical Levante

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Go ahead in a matter of taste there is nothing written that every fan, in this case Levante UD, takes a coach in so elaborate a historical alignment of any team is very complicated.

In such lists we will try to take into account especially the performance of the players club's shirt in question, in this case the Levante UD. For example, none we doubt that Cruyff or Mijatovic They have been great footballers but, although they wore the shirt granota, the team performance was poor so we do not think it appropriate to incorporate them in this once history.

Keylor Navas

Keylor Navas
Costa Rican goalkeeper arrived at Levante and Albacete from the beginning was Munúa substitute although he started both the Europa League and Copa del Rey. But nevertheless, once took ownership became the best goalkeeper who defended the goal being the feeling granota World 2014 with his selection which helped him to join Real Madrid where he has triumphed accumulating titles. (ABC)

Antonio Calpe

Antonio Calpe
This list could not miss a player like Antonio Calpe. Granota heart, He got the first ascent of the club's history in 1963 playing every game that season as a starter. Real Madrid signed him and got great titles, among them the European Cup 1966. He returned to the Levant to play in Third Division but had best deals and got a new ascent to Second. Mythical. (Levante UD)


Sergio Ballesteros
He left the quarry granota returned in 2008 at a critical moment for the club. Not only he did not come to retire but lived the best years of club history with rise in Centennial, permanence in First, Europa League qualifier and consolidation in the top flight. Total idol fans granota (world Lift)


Vicente Camarasa
Camarasa Vicente del Levante was the captain who won the first promotion to the First Division and who played two consecutive seasons in the top flight. 169 distributed in official matches 7 seasons with the shirt of Levante behind and nobility and elegance beyond doubt make it indispensable in the historic eleven granota (sport Valenciano)


Completing the other defense of the great captains of Levante, Juanfran Garcia. The left side also raised in the granota quarry and triumphed in Valencia, Celtic, Zaragoza and many. He was international with Spain and participated in the World 2002. He returned to the Levant and like Ballesteros paid at the highest level to almost 40 years being present in the best time of club. 244 official matches make him the second most capped player's shirt Levante only behind Felix Ettien (Levante UD)

Vicente Iborra

Vicente Iborra
In the midfield axis can not miss Vicente Iborra. Another squad which was the cornerstone of the best Levante in history that disputed European competition. He emigrated to Seville where he also became a fan favorite and won major titles like Europa League. Granota has recognized the door open to return home anytime (Brand)


Alberto Rivera
He was the best player on a Levante who lived a historic moment, the ascent to First division Xerez after 40 years without stepping on the top flight of Spanish football. Led and led the team squandering talent and quality that helped him make the jump to Real Betis at that time he disputed Champions League. A phenomenon (Colgadosporelfútbol)

Felix Ettien

Most capped player in the Levant
The presence of this Felix Ettien 11 history will create the most controversial among fans granotas but we think the player who more seasons and more games (far) He has worn the shirt of Levante can not miss. He lived extraordinary moments as his match against Atletico Madrid in 2000 or season 2004-2005 First Division with Schuster on the bench. All power and speed in the race was impossible to stop. A crack on and off the field with 324 official parties and 11 seasons at the club. Almost nothing. (Colgadosporelfútbol)


José Luis Morales
Levante recruited him for its subsidiary and gave him the opportunity to debut and explode in Primera and the commander is returning more than. Levantinismo idol for all that represents in the field. It is the top scorer in the Primera Division Levante and has always shown their love and appreciation by rejecting offers from other clubs. Legend (Levante UD)


Top scorer in the history of Levante
He reached the mid-season Levante 1998-1999 and it was key to the team achieved promotion to the Second Division scoring 15 goals. Far from settling the following year became top scorer in Second Division 20 and the next he did 17 plus. That is to say, Two and a half seasons was able to score 52 goals with the shirt of Levante. Words are unnecessary (Provinces)


Carlos Caszely Levante
One of the few players who has been Mundialista belonging to the discipline granota. Considered by many the best Chilean striker of all time, Levante played for two seasons in which he was top scorer with 15 Y 26 goals respectively (Levante UD)

We do not want to forget about great players who went through the Levante UD and surely they deserve a place in the 11 history as Gaspar Rubio, Dominguez, Tower, Quini, Harte, Alexis, Ruben Suarez, Juanlu, Barkero, Koné And a long etcetera.

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