'Mechanical Cheese’ Benito Floro

'Mechanical Cheese’ Benito Floro
El mítico Zalazar es uno de los mejores jugadores de la historia del Albacete y fue pieza clave del 'Queso Mecánico' (Digital Albacete)

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Throughout history there have been many legendary teams. 'Clockwork Orange Cruyff', The Brazil 70 of skin’, The Barça Dream Team '. But nevertheless, a much more modest level and of course bridging the gap, We all remember the 'Mechanical Cheese’ Benito Floro.

That Albacete surprised friends and strangers in the late 80 and early 90 when he slipped among the largest Spanish football.

Valencia coach came to the manchega entity season 1989-1990. The club militated at that time in Second Division B and chained promotion after promotion since that same year managed to sneak into the professional football reaching the silver category.

That player base formed by Menendez, Catali, Manolo, Antonio Corbalan or He continued to give joy in Second and followed theirs achieving a historic milestone for the company rising for the first time in the history of the club First division also thanks to the arrival of several historical and Costa Rican goalkeeper Rabbit or the Uruguayan barrel José Zalazar.

Precisely the Uruguayan midfielder became the authentic feel of that team. In his first season he achieved the not inconsiderable figure of 15 goals. Zalazar he became a fan favorite based golazos incredible that still remembered in the stands Carlos Belmonte.

Mechanical cheese
One of the formations 'Cheese Mechanic'. Top from left to right: Rabbit, Zalazar, Juárez, Antonio, Coco and Geli. Down: Urzáiz, Menendez, Catali, Chesa and Oliete. (losotros18.com)

The dream Albacete It lasted several seasons in which the team remained in First division In addition flirting with European positions in its debut in the top flight which made the nickname he was won 'Mechanical Cheese’.

Benito Floro card by REAL MADRID

Benito Floro He received the recognition of his work at the helm signed for himself Real Madrid but after a few seasons, where it did not go too well, back to Carlos Belmonte.

The dream seemed to fade as the Albacete He dropped to second after losing in the promotion against Salamanca. Although manchegos achieved a great result in the first leg in Helmántico (0-2), They fell with a crash at home 0-5.

But nevertheless, Manchego managed to stay on first in the offices thanks to the 'issue’ that featured the Sevilla and Celta which led to Liga de 22 teams.

Nonetheless, the following season and not after the descent could be avoided and 5 seasons, the Albacete said goodbye to the elite of Spanish football. Always remember that mythical 'Mechanical Cheese'.

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