Fights between footballers of the same team

Fights between footballers of the same team
Madrid's Gravesen and Robinho had more than words in a Real Madrid training (The Journal)

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The fights, clashes or discussions between rival footballers are somewhat more common. But nevertheless, when they occur between teammates, the thing is much more surprising. Today we will review some that had more impact at the media level.

Kolo Touré and Emmanuel Adebayor

In his time at Manchester City, Touré Y Adebayor came to blows during a team training. They had to be separated by several companions among whom were Vieira and Kompany. The two African footballers, that had previously coincided in the Arsenal, they had this encounter caused by a hard entry into the team's training.

Adebayor Toure
Manchester City's training turned into a wrestling match thanks to Adebayor and Kolo Touré (Brand)

Thomas Gravesen and Robinho

It happened in a preseason of Real Madrid directed at that time by Fabio Capello. According to his former colleagues Julio Baptista and Juanfran Torres, the Brazilian faced Gravesen making several bikes, gesture the Danish did not like. Minutes later, Robinho he would repeat the same action and Gravesen stopped the game with a hard tackle. Robinho quickly got up and pushed the Danish, who without thinking, punched his partner. Raul, Baptista and Roberto Carlos among others, they had to separate the two players. Gravesen would leave Madrid a few days later.

Gravesen Robinho fight
Several Real Madrid players try to stop Gravesen. (The Journal)

Dudu Aouate and Gustavo Munúa

This incident occurred during the season 2007/2008. Dudu Aouate, he had said in the press that he deserved more minutes than he was having at Deportivo de la Coruña, comment that I did not like at all Munúa. According to the Israeli goalkeeper, after finishing a workout, the Uruguayan goalkeeper approached him and said: "What are you looking at?”. No time to answer, Aouate was punched in the face, that left him shocked and needed 8 stitches to close the wound. One of the best known fights in Spanish football.

Munúa and Aouate
After their fight, already as rivals, Aouate and Munúa stopped greeting each other before games (Mallorca newspaper)

Frank Ribéry and Arjen Robben

This confrontation occurred in the Champions League semifinals against Real Madrid. The anger started on the field of play. Ribery was about to launch a foul when Robben he stopped it saying: "Let Kroos suck, he puts them all in training ”. The Frenchman relented and left the foul to Kroos, but his anger continued in the locker room during the break. After a discussion, Ribéry punched Robben in the face and despite this, they both continued to play in the second half. Ribéry was fined financially and had to apologize to the entire staff for his attitude.

Robben Ribery
The discussion between Ribery and Robben continued at the break. The Dutchman ended with a bruise on his right cheekbone (Ten)

Can you think of any more confrontation to add to our list of fights? You can leave a comment at the end of the article.

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