Planelles, the best player in the history of CD Castellón

Planelles, the best player in the history of CD Castellón
Planelles exerting CD Castellón captain in a match against Real Madrid 1981 (Photo: Twitter Olympia)

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Juan Bautista Planelles is, for the vast majority of fans CD Castellón, the best player in the history of albinegro set. Natural Burriana, the skillful attacker was recruited by himself Real Madrid when he was still a youth back in 1969. But nevertheless, He never came to fruition in 'The White House’ due, largely, his way of being and not for lack of quality far.

Planelles He had few minutes in the first stage as Madrid. As it has struggled with heavy weights Meringue costume as they were back then Benito O Amancio. The Real Madrid It took a good decision and gave the player to CD Castellón, Home was the best version of the player who won promotion to First (It is his the final goal) In the season 1971-1972.


The next, and in First, again he proved that he would Sobrado Castalia. The team signed his best season finishing fifth in the league and reaching the Cup final he lost 2-0 against Athletic Club at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Final Copa del Rey
Formanción CD Castellón Season 1972-1973 with Del Bosque and Planelles (Photo: Football teams Blogger)

The Merengues what repescó with the idea that his football explode white shirt but it was not and was finally transferred to Valencia where he played three seasons before doing two at the Real Zaragoza.

But Juanito’ Planelles where he was happy I was at home and for this reason returned Castalia in the campaign 1978-1979 to play in Second Division.

This second step lasted albinegro 5 footballer seasons and displayed his best football Burriana. Of course, again he achieves the goal of a new promotion to the season 1980-1981 becoming a true idol of his hobby.

Finally, He hung up his boots in his team Burriana home with only 32 years giving the feeling that he could have reached higher levels but as he himself said: “who wants to see me play, Castalia come”.

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