Why Athletic Club de Bilbao no profile foreign players?

Why Athletic Club de Bilbao no profile foreign players?
Peña Deusto slogan referring to the League of the Stars, as it was dubbed the Spanish competition (Hedge Athletic)

The Athletic Club de Bilbao It is a historic Spanish football. The Basque side is one of the few clubs that never descended to Second Division and they can also boast of a philosophy that make it unique in the world. Lions do not fichan foreign players, although this statement should already clarify that has several important nuances.

Club Bilbao was one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) in the early years of racing in Spain. Dominator Cup and one of the best clubs since the creation of the League campaign 1928-1929, always she characterized by play Basque footballers. This was not initially own rule or rules of the club, but at that time the Basque players were second to none so it was not necessary to resort to transfer out.

Like is logic, to the same happened with all Spanish clubs, in the early history of the club if there were foreign players in their ranks. evidently, in those days templates began having a lot of British players who were brought to our country football.

A turning point occurred in the year 1911 when the Spanish Federation banned the participation of foreign players in the Cup tournament. For him Athletic Club, as we say, It did not mean any problem since had a good list of Basque players. A few years later it allowed to sign foreign but, again, Atletico need not resort to them.


In the mid-decade 1920 They begin to arrive at San Mames club some players from the rest of the Basque Country (guipuzcoanos, Araba…) and navarros. You can also record several players, although they were not born in Basque lands, If you have raised them. Thus it is modeling the philosophy of the Athletic Club which he has evolved to the present day.

New Year 1948 Another important moment occurs in Spanish football. The dictator Francisco Franco It allows clubs to sign foreign players. But nevertheless, it looks like, Athletic but it does not for want of trying but for lack of money. At that time the Bilbao set going through a difficult economic situation and have to pull players from the house.

With 11 Villagers have happened on the stone”

Nonetheless, the Athletic Club Get a great feat proclaimed champion of Cup 1958 a team riddled with homegrown players against an entire Real Madrid European champions and also at the Santiago Bernabeu. The president of the Basque club came to testify: “With 11 Villagers have happened on the stone”. It is at that moment when you decide to keep the philosophy of foreigners sign.

Over the years there have been several cases of players who were born outside the Basque Country that have actually worn the red and white elastic. patxi Ferreira, Vicente Biurrun O Ernesto Valverde are some examples and more recently Santi Ezquerro O Bixente Lizarazu.


Thus, We could say that the Athletic Club de Bilbao He has had a total of 6 players' foreigners’ along its history: Aymeric Laporte (French formed a team of the Basque-Aquitaine region of France), Javier Iturriaga (Mexican Basque parents), Fernando Amorebieta (He born in Venezuela but of Basque and international parents with vinotinto), Vicente Biurrun (case like Amorebieta. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but Basque parents), Bixente Lizarazu (He born in the French Basque Country) Y Cristian Ganea (Romanian who played in the lower echelons of the CD Baskonia).

4 thoughts on “Why Athletic Club de Bilbao no profile foreign players?

  1. The article is incorrect in several respects.

    1. Athletic's philosophy is not just to play with players born in the Basque Country in footballing but also formed the quarry of Euskal Herria, that is to say, a territory covering both sides of the Spanish-French border in addition to Navarra. This makes any player is capable of being captured in its formative stage ( here it is sometimes the mother of the lamb) anywhere in the world almost. This is the case of Aymeric Laporte who was not born in the territory vascón but was recruited with 16 years I think to play in a club agreed as Aviron.

    2. For Ganea has not much mystery as it grew up in a town near Bilbao and get to play even in the selection of Euskadi in lower categories.

    3. Amorebieta cases Biurrun or more of the same, and we could say that more ascribe to the philosophy that players like Santi Ezquerro or Jose Mari inclusive at the time. Are players who grew footballing quarry in Lezama in spite of not being born in vascón territory.

    1. Hi Mikel, say that the article is not correct things in the article are explained as you say. Perhaps we have not explained well but we are saying the same. regards.

    2. If with 16 years still have to be sent with cojones.Laporte 16 years was formed and more than formado.Qus you want to fool as Ghanea and some more well but you have to be honest and then Mario Bermejo coherente.Y Cantabrian player who played for Athletic?

  2. As they say, those from Bilbao are born where they want.
    So if they can be from Bilbao even if they are born in France, Mexico or Venezuela and have the nationality you have.

    Oh well, To tell you the truth, Ehrenarier's concept is not exclusive to the Basques.

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