What is the VAR system

What is the VAR system

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Surely you have already heard of VAR when you are watching a football match and you also know that it has been implemented recently.. A system that is hated by some and loved by others is not yet so clear as to how it works.

We want you to be able to see your next matches from another point of view and with full knowledge of exactly what VAR is, how it works and its advantages within this popular sport.

What is the VAR system in football: A story

VAR is loved and hated, but beyond the feelings that it can generate in soccer fans, It is a system that has been designed and implemented so that meetings are increasingly transparent and in the face of any type of doubt, it was possible to clarify what happened.

To be more specific, VAR is a technology, and its implementation occurred for the first time on 5 March 2016, at a Club World Cup celebration. And it is from this moment in which the followers of the sport that attracts more people to their matches and bets in the world, They are divided.

But his official implementation in world football happened in 2018 in the run-up to the World Cup in Russia.

The motivation to create this system was some inaccurate charges from the referees and really doubtful plays that, in human eyes, are difficult to collect..

What is VAR in football: How does it work

The operation of the VAR is in charge of certified referees, therefore they have had to go through exhaustive training.

The VAR system works with a video operator, who is not an arbitrator, rather just follow technical orders. Also included is a VAR referee, a referee AVAR, who is an assistant, and a Quality Manager, who is a former referee.

Thus, the VAR receives images from the official broadcast and it's only you who are analyzed, any other type of images are considered invalid.

At this time, all men's first division matches are implementing the VAR system..

Another important fact in relation to its operation, is that this system is prohibited from talking about arbitration criteria, this precisely because all decisions made will be based on evidence.

The VAR also has its own philosophy, which is "minimal interference, maximum profit”. And if you wonder how the final decision happens, This will always be taken by the referee and he himself will be responsible for the sanctions, can only be changed if the VAR review shows a clear and obvious error.

As an example and for better understanding, in the event of an error, the VAR notifies the referee. Then the referee will listen to the VAR recommendation and will decide if a situation is reversed or if he approaches the screen to see the play.

What is VAR in football: The advantages

To finish and if you still have your doubts regarding the implementation of this system, here we leave you all its advantages:

  • There is no arbitral error.
  • no tricks.
  • Fewer red cards.
  • greater justice.
  • Transparency.

Since you know well what the VAR system is, its operation and the advantages it provides to football so that it continues to offer a fair game and show, you are ready to see your next game from another perspective.

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