Review of the most dominant teams in LaLiga history

Review of the most dominant teams in LaLiga history
Guardiola's Barcelona, Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and company were one of the most dominant teams in LaLiga. PHOTO:

Spanish football is full of historical moments and curiosities how are the 228 Raúl's goals in La Liga with Real Madrid or Lionel Messi's emotional farewell to FC Barcelona after more than a decade of success. Endless anecdotes among which the dominance of two main clubs stands out, but with smaller teams that occasionally take the lead from the larger ones.

When talking about the great teams of the Spanish League, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona always come to mind., although there are also other clubs with a long history such as Atlético de Madrid, sometimes considered the third great, Valencia FC, with a great story over multiple seasons, o Athletic Club, which has managed to stay in the first division since its creation and win La Liga on different occasions.

The quality of a team is difficult to measure, since player performance can change from season to season, and even leading teams have found themselves at the bottom of the standings in successive years. In this sense, dominance during a La Liga season, serves to a certain extent to measure the results of the following meetings, as happens in the league predictions 2023/2024 of the portals online sports predictions.

Inside the history of La Liga, Real Madrid and Barça share records as the most dominant teams during a season, both with a total of 32 victories in the 38 championship matches, the madridistas in the season 2011-12 and the culé team in 2012-13.

Although if we talk about greater streaks of dominance, Real Madrid has 35 league titles while FC Barcelona with another memorable figure of 27. Atlético de Madrid is the third club with the most La Liga titles, with the figure of 11, highlighting the good streak during the decade of 2010 with Diego Simeone as coach. Other recognized teams are Athletic Club with 8 titles or Valencia CF with 6. Nor should we forget others who have dominated La Liga in some seasons such as Real Sociedad, Sevilla FC, Real Betis or Deportivo de la Coruña.

By counterpart, there are the teams with bad streaks, where they stand out football clubs that have been relegated unexpectedly. An example is the case of Atlético de Madrid during the season 1999- 2000 with his relegation to second, when just four years before he had managed to win the double of La Liga and Copa del Rey. Another surprise was when Valencia FC dropped to the second division in 1986. The only three teams with the pride of not being relegated to second in their entire history are Real Madrid, Barcelona y Athletic.

Definitely, Soccer is a sport with a constant evolution of the teams and therefore, although there are predominant teams during each season, The result of the match is never decided until the match ends. In this way, Every year La Liga offers a multitude of matches full of emotion to millions of fans from all over the country.

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